Comparison - Ionizers and Alkaline Water

The 2 most common requested comparison are;

  1. How is the Cerra Pitcher different from an Electrical Ionizer?
  2. How is the Cerra Pitcher different from the other Alkaline Pitcher found in store or online?

We have prepared 2 comparison charts and summaries highlighting the major and important advantages the Cerra Pitcher has over both.

1) Comparison to Electrical Ionizers

Ionizing Process Electrolysis Mother Earth Cerra Water
Needs Electricity Yes No No
Wastes Water Yes No No
Natural Process No Yes Yes
Electromagnetic Radiation Yes No No
High Cost Yes No No
Filter Replacement Yes No Yes
Wears out Yes No No
Anti-oxidants Yes Yes Yes
Anti-oxidant loss Yes No No
Alkaline Yes Yes Yes
Micro- Clustering Yes Yes Yes
Energetically Enhanced No N/A Yes
Portable No No Yes
Essential Minerals Depending upon source water Varies Perfect balance of essential minerals
Can use Reverse Osmosis water with it No N/A Yes
Chlorine Reduction Yes N/A Yes
Bacteria Reduction Yes N/A Yes
Increased Calcium Yes Yes Yes
Increased Magnesium No Yes Yes
Increased Potassium No Yes Yes
Heavy Metal Removal ? N/A Yes
Food Safe Plastic No N/A Yes
NSF Safety Certification No N/A Yes
Conclusion Good Better Best

Summary of Electrical Ionizers Vs Cerra Water

Cerra Water is able to do everything an electrical ionizer can do and more at a fraction of a price. The process is more natural and adds more essential minerals to the water then the electrical ionizers. The Cerra Pitcher is also safer as it can reduce more contaminants and is made of food safe plastic unlike electrical ionizers which use non food safe plastic in all their tubing. Cerra Water is taken through a natural process which mimics mother natural compared to running electricity through water which is very unnatural creating unstable electrically charged water. Before electrical ionizers were a good choice, when they were the only choice available, but now are outdated technology which the Cerra Pitcher can outperforms in all ways.


2) Comparison to Other Alkaline Pitchers (Imitation Jugs From China)

Features Other Alkaline Pitcher Cerra Pitcher
Alkaline Yes Yes
pH Alkalinity level 7.5-8.0 8.5-9.5
Adds Calcium Yes Yes
Adds Magnesium No Yes
Adds Potassium No Yes
Anti-oxidants No Yes
Micro-clustering No Yes
Removes Chlorine Yes Yes
Food Safe Plastic No Yes
NSF Safety No Yes
Energetically enhanced (BFIT) No Yes
Filters included One Two
pH drops included ($20 value) No Yes
Bonus Cerragizer Included No Yes
Made In China Europe
Value @ Quality Poor Excellent

Summary of other Alkaline Pitchers and the Cerra Pitcher

When looking at lower priced alkaline pitchers in stores or online with prices from $49-$59 they may seem like a good deal but when you look at what they actually do and what you actually get their value looks unattractive. The alkaline water they make is usually a lower alkalinity level that is only achieved by only adding calcium in very high levels that is not necessarily beneficial in such high amounts. Some initially give a slight anti-oxidant value when first tested but this goes away after a few uses. The Cerra Pitcher adds a full range of essential minerals including magnesium, potassium, and calcium all in healthy levels along with anti-oxidants that will last for the life span of the cartridge of 2-3 month.

Made in China compared to Europe

The other alkaline pitchers are primarily made in China which is why they are so cheap. This cost savings comes at the cost of non food safe plastic which can leach chemicals into your water and filter media which can contain other toxic elements. The other alkaline pitchers contain no official independent safety testing because they would not meet the standards. Even though these alkaline pitchers are found in health food stores it does not mean they are safe, any product from China frequently has product recalls due to being unsafe.
The Cerra Pitcher is made in Europe and only made of the quality materials including plastic from Germany and CerraCeramics from South Korea. It has passed NSF safety regulations and is made of BPA free food safe plastic which has been tested in Europe.

Value included in bundle

Looking at the cost of $59 compared to the Cerra Pitchers cost of $139 it may seem like a large price difference but for $59 only one cartridges is including lasting 1-2 months. In the Cerra Pitcher bundle you receive two cartridges lasting 6 months, one Cerragizer lasting 1 month and a bottle of pH drops which you can use to test to see if the water is alkaline. With Cerra you initially receive 7 months of alkaline water for $139 compared to 2 months of alkaline water for $59. Along with getting a better quality product when purchasing a Cerra Pitcher you actually receive more alkaline water!

Cerra Water Process:

  1. Filtration
  2. Alkalize
  3. Anti-oxidants
  4. Micro-cluster/ hexagonal water
  5. Energize- BFIT- Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology

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