Water You Can Trust

Cerra Water is the highest quality, safest and best performer for anti-oxidant  and alkalinity values in the world.  Our Cerra pitcher is manufactured  in Europe which has the highest standards in  the world.  

The Cerra Water pitcher comes with 2  cartridges (filters)

cerra water bio ceramic media

  • a  special proprietary  combination of carbon and special Cerra-ceramic balls. These Cerra-transformational balls are made from a variety of inorganic minerals, semi precious stones and crystals. 
  • These  bio-transformational balls are  patented for the manufacturing process, equipment and composition of what is in the cartridge. No one else can replicate this process or the balls.
  • Although made of minerals  there is  no detection of heavy metals according to the tests done by FDA certified lab and the German LGA testing.
  • What do these different Cerra-ceramics balls do:
    •  add magnesium, calcium, potassium to make mineralized alkaline water in a ionic form.
    • emit  a natural far-infrared ray which is very healthy for the body by stimulating the body to remove toxins and natural healing abilities.
    • emit negative  ions which is necessary for survival. The electro-magnetic frequencies and toxics in  our environment ( air, food)  destroy the negative ions which are necessary for good health. 
    • emit a  unique  natural fine vibration of piezo electric to energize the water.
    • aid in the removal  of impurities and heavy harmful metals
    • have a strong anti-bacterial effect that destroys bacteria and fungus  
    • creates anti-oxidants in the water and removes harmful free radicals
    •  micro-cluster the water so water and nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body
    • reduces   bad smell from organic matter, chlorine  and other impurities 
    • reduces carcinogens ( THN, chloroform)
    • makes the water taste  fresh 
  • Our Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology ( BFIT) -erases all the negative frequencies and adds over 18,000 healing frequencies to the water.


  • Nano Silver Anti-bacteria  Ball-  Most filters just use ordinary carbon which is a breeding ground for bacteria.  When water is run thru the carbon filer and left overnight it  now become a pollutant for your water  and is  very unsafe.  The Cerra Cartridge  has a patented nano silver anti-bacteria balls that is bacteria resistant and anti -fungal. Nano means  that its very small size,  the particles  are between the size of a  molecular and DNA.  The  nano silver  anti-bacteria balls interfere with the metabolism of up to 650 species of bacteria to stop  them from breeding thus destroying any germs. These are found to be  over  99%  effective.  An FDA accredited laboratory  verifies that these patented  anti-bacteria ball have no toxicity and are safe for water treatment.    

nano silver water filter

  • Nano Silver will combine with the cell walls of pathogenic bacteria, will then directly get inside the bacteria and deactivate them, to block inhalation and metabolism and suffocate the bacteria.  Nano Silver will not expire. Light, heat and radiations will not affects its healing qualities.
  • Activated Carbon- -  made by natural coconut carbon with the essential effect of to  improve taste, reduce  odour and  chlorine. The  anti-bacteria balls are mixed into the carbon insure that is a bacteria resistant.
  • Independent certified  laboratory tests confirm that the cartridge reduces chlorine, heavy metal and other pollutants.
  • LGA- German Safety Certification- proves there is  no migration of heavy metals, microbiological and others from cartridge
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 42  for safety  on bio-ceramics ball. First to be  receive international  accreditation  for safety.
  • SCC (Standards Council of Canada) for safety
  • FDA- independent certified  FDA lab results confirm that there are no  heavy metals (barium,  lead, mercury, silver etc)  or pesticides
  • Quality Assured Manufacturing Plant- Certified ISO 9001- quality management systems

Certifies ISO 14001- environmental  management guarantees there are no  adverse changes to the air, water or land.  Helps to protect our environment. 


  • Our filter media manufacturer  provides accurate laboratory results for  product performance:
  • pH over filter life: (Red is Cerra Water, Blue is Source Tap Water), results show a consistent pH over filter life

cerra water ph life test

  • ORP over filter life: (Red is Cerra Water, Blue is Source Tap Water). Results show that ORP starts around -250 (good) and get as high as -348 (excellent) and over filter life maintains a healthy consistent level of anti-oxidants.  These are realistic results and not some false claim that -600 will be held over the filter life as some other companies .

cerra water ORP life test

  • Micro-clustering-  is the transformation  of water to make the water cluster smaller  thus enhancing  the ability of the body to absorb  water and nutrients. Korean Institute of Science and Technology confirms micro clustering thru a NMR- Analysis ( Nuclear  Magnetic Resonance) show that the normal tap water has a cluster size of about 100- 130 (Hz) H2O molecules. After passage thru the Cerra filter the cluster size is reduced to 50 (Hz) H2o  molecules.  All companies that sell electrical ionizers claim to micro cluster but have never provided any NMR test results. NMR is the only scientific proof of micro-clustering.

microclustering molecules

Benefits of anti-oxidant water:


Flushes acidic metabolites and toxins from the cellular level.


Supplies health sustaining minerals such as Ca, K, Na, Mg to the body.


Contains smaller Water Clusters(51.497 Hz) that hydrates the body up to 3 -6times  more effective than normal water.


Facilitate nutrients and mineral absorptions efficiently


Promotes general well-being by restoring the body

  • All cartridges have lot number and an expiry dates according to standard manufacturing practices



Capacity-  2.0 liters of filtered water( total capacity is 3.3 liters)


  • BPA/ BPS  Free- plastic is SANS which has no polycarbonates (which can leach dangerous chemicals.) It falls under the good #7 plastics for food safety. Many companies that claim  to be BPA free have just substitute with BPS which is just as toxic since it still contains  the same bishphenol chemicals.  The Cerra pitcher has  the safest plastic  (almost like glass) that you can get today. SAN is higher quality plastic with increased strength, rigidity, toughness and temperature and chemical resistance. 

Food Safe-  the “food grade” symbol  (a glass and fork symbol) on the bottom of the pitcher indicts that it is safe for use of food and beverages. This standard symbols issued by authority’s/institutions, such as the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration), EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), SPI (Society of Plastic Industry).

food safe plastic



Cerra Water Process:

  1. Filtration
  2. Alkalize
  3. Anti-oxidants
  4. Micro-cluster/ hexagonal water
  5. Energize- BFIT- Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology

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