Drinking alkaline water is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  The body is meant to be in a balanced slightly alkaline state as opposed to an acidic state. Sickness, diseases, and pain may be prevented through simply ensuring your body is alkaline.  Since fluids are a large part of your dietary intake every day, the water you drink will often be the deciding factor as to whether your body is alkaline, or acidic. The alkalinity of water can be measured on a PH chart. The numbers of a PH chart range from 1 to 10 as shown in the diagram shown, with 1 being the worst, and 10 being as alkaline as possible.

The fastest way to bring your body into alkaline balance and to buffer the acidity is to drink Cerra alkaline water. With our body under constant acidic stress Cerra Water is the quickest way to switch it back into a healthy alkaline state.

Is All Alkaline Water The Same?

It is very easy to create alkaline water by adding baking soda, cheap calcium or even bleach! These other alkaline waters lack the health benefits Cerra Water provides. The secret behind Cerra Water is the select essential alkaline minerals added and the ionic form they come it which allow the body to absorb them improving your health.

Lab results prove that the minerals magnesium, potassium, zinc with a bit of calcium are added to our Cerra Water. This ideal ratio of minerals supports a healthy functioning nervous system and body. Magnesium is our biggest nutritional deficiency today so that is why Cerra focuses on adding this very important mineral.

All the minerals are ionic to insure maximum absorption. Ionic means the molecule has a negative charge just like Cerra Water has. In order for a mineral to be absorbed it must be absorbed into the cells. This can only be done though pass by the cell gate keepers, the aquaporins, which are positively charged. Just like magnets this means only molecules with a negative charge can be absorbed.



Ionized alkaline water helps the body release with toxins within the body which can help improve the body's metabolic rate, helps with weight loss and proper weight maintenance. Maintaining a body with low amounts of toxins reduces the chances of disease and sickness in many instances. Alkaline water is good for flushing out the excess acids which is the cause of most diseases.

Cerra Water Process:

  1. Filtration
  2. Alkalize
  3. Anti-oxidants
  4. Molecular Hydrogen
  5. Micro-cluster/ hexagonal water
  6. Energize- BFIT- Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology

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