Cerra Water has good levels of selected filtration while simultaneously maintaining the highest level of anti-oxidant, micro-clustered alkaline water in one unit.  

Cerra's very refined carbon is excellent for cleaning water, reducing the smell and makes the water taste much better.  It reduces chlorine, contaminants, heavy metals and chemicals.

Cerra Water has proprietary nano-silver anti-bacterial balls mixed into the carbon that prevent the growth of  up to 620 different bacterias. Carbon is an ideal breeding ground for many bacteria. Our anti-bacterial balls are proprietary and have been proven through FDA certified laboratory testing to be safe. Many other filters use no anti-bacterial agent thus making them a source of  bacterial contamination or use toxic products such as calcium sulphite, which is a food preservative but is toxic to the body.

Cerra Water maintains the highest level of safety standards. The Cerra Water pitcher is designed to alter potable water. (drinkable municipal water) 

cerra pitcher

cerra cartridge inside

How Do Other Types of Filtration Differ From Cerra Water?

Reverse Osmosis - RO

  • Works for removing everything from the water ( fluoride, cryptosporidium,  pharmaceuticals ) but  in the process  it removes all the healthy minerals making the water very acidic and  high in free radicals. Free radicals increases cellar damage and degeneration. All this can be addressed by running RO water thru the Cerra pitcher to create alive, anti-oxidant alkaline water. RO water is very aggressive water but by running it through the Cerra Water pitcher it  absorbs  the ionic Cerra minerals and the negative hydroxyl ions creating very clean, alive  healthy water.
RO Water Unit

Best way of cleaning water. Can remove fluoride, pharmaceuticals , cryptosporidium etc

Removes all minerals creating dead, very acid water which is high in damaging free radicals

Brita: NSF 42 & 53  

  • Contain specialized resins that remove copper, mercury, cadmium, chlorine etc. These resins turn the water more acidic and increase free radical damage.  One of the advantages of the Cerra Water pitcher is that it can take very clean but acidic water and make it anti-oxidant alkaline water. Cerra Water cannot put these other Brita type resins  into our cartridge as they would destroy its ability to create alive anti-oxidant alkaline water.  
brita filters

Reduces chlorine and many contaminates from water

Does not remove fluoride. Resins remove minerals creating water that is more acid with damaging free radicals

Cerra Water Process:

  1. Filtration
  2. Alkalize
  3. Anti-oxidants
  4. Molecular Hydrogen
  5. Micro-cluster/ hexagonal water
  6. Energize- BFIT- Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology

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