About Cerra Water

cerra water imageCerra Water® focuses on quality when creating alkaline anti-oxidant water by processing the water through a precise 6 step process to give you the best water for your health. Cerra Water starts with filtration which leads into alkalinity, adding anti-oxidants, molecular hydrogen, micro clustering and then energizing the water through a proprietary infusion process that imprints the water with beneficial energy patterns. Read about the details of our 6 step process below and/or watch our explainer video.

Cerra Water 6 Step Process Explained

1. Filtration

  • Proprietary carbon mixture, provides Chemical Reduction
  • Reduce smell and improve taste
  • Reduce chlorine, contaminants, heavy metals and chemicals.

First Cerra Water filters the water and then the next steps of Cerra Water, bio-ceramic balls provide ionizing, alkalizing the water and more. Each cartridge uses proprietary high quality carbon/anti-bacterial to reduce chlorine, chloramines, prevent bacterial growth, and remove heavy metals and other contaminants.

  • High levels of selected filtration while simultaneously maintaining the highest level of anti-oxidant, micro-clustered alkaline water in one unit.  
  • Maintains the highest level of safety standards. The Cerra Water pitcher is designed to alter potable water (drinkable municipal water). 
  • Proprietary anti-bacterial balls mixed into the carbon prevent the growth of  up to 620 different bacteria.


2. Alkalinity

  • Transforms any water into alkaline to a +8.5 to 9.5 pH
  • Improves the body detoxification, eliminating toxins.
  • Adds essential micro-ionized alkaline minerals
  • Helps keep the body in the balanced, slightly alkaline state

Drinking alkaline water is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  The body is meant to be in a balanced slightly alkaline state as opposed to an acidic state. Sickness, diseases, and pain may be prevented through simply ensuring your body is alkaline.  Since fluids are a large part of your dietary intake every day, the water you drink will often be the deciding factor as to whether your body is alkaline, or acidic. Cerra Water adds essential micro-ionized minerals to the water which are essential for our body nervous system and functions. These essential minerals include calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Only natural water ionizers like the Cerra Water Pitcher add micro-ionized minerals which are more easily absorbed by our cells.

The fastest way to bring your body into alkaline balance and to buffer the acidity is to drink Cerra alkaline water. The alkalinity of water can be measured on a PH chart. The numbers of a PH chart range from 1 to 10 as shown in the diagram shown, with 1 being the worst, and 10 being as alkaline as possible. The pH goes up exponentially; 8 pH is 100x more alkaline than a 6 pH



3. Anti-oxidants

  • Anti-oxidants fight free radical damage reducing degeneration
  • ORP (oxidation reduction potential ) -150mV to -500mV
  • Anti-oxidants may help reduce inflammation, pain and slow down the aging process

Anti-oxidants are vital to our health and have typically only been associated with certain fruits and nutrition supplements. Anti-oxidants fight Oxidative Stress due to free radical damage which are breaking down our bodies. What makes Cerra Water really amazing and sets it apart from all the other alkaline water products is its ability to add anti-oxidants into your water.

Anti-Oxidant Chart

The Cerra Water cartridge restructures the water which results in negatively charged groups of ions with abundant electrons which work as anti-oxidants. Every single cell in our body is being hammered by free radicals, more than 10,000 times daily.  Free radicals are unstable molecules that are missing an electron and attack healthy cells  to steal an electron.  Free radicals cause oxidation which is the same process as of a nail rusting, an apple turning brown or a body turbo aging.  Free radicals cause cellar damage and increase degeneration.  Cerra Water has a very high level of anti-oxidants which may help reduce inflammation, pain, and  slow down the aging process.

Cell Oxidative Stress


4. Molecular Hydrogen

  • Adds H2 molecular hydrogen, another type of anti-oxidant
  • Improve proper cell function
  • Help reduce oxidative stress and free radical damage

Molecular hydrogen is added to the water by one of our proprietary Cerra Ceramics. H2 molecular hydrogen is another form of anti-oxidant as it carriers a negative charge, this helps improve absorption as the negative charge attracts the molecular hydrogen to our bodies cells like a magnet. This additional abundance of anti-oxidants helps reduce oxidative stress and free radical damage. Molecular hydrogen also has many other benefits including:

  • Molecular Hydrogen provides “cell signaling” which provides cellular information for proper cell function.
  • Ability to cross the blood brain barrier and enters the mitochondria providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to the cells.
  • Molecular Hydrogen is known to help in improving learning and memory, alleviating muscle degeneration, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease, and lowering risk of metabolic syndrome.


5. Hexagonal Water (Micro-clustered)

  • Easily absorbable for improved hydration.
  • Transforms “unorganized macro water” into organized hexagonal pattern
  • Organized matrix of 3-6 water molecules


Hexagonal water, often referred to as the fourth phase of water, is the best molecular structure for water to take for our health. Hexagonal water is an organized matrix of 3-6 water molecules; this size is much smaller than regular “unorganized macro water” which can contain up to hundreds of water molecules. This makes Hexagonal water “micro-clustered” and therefore much easier to be absorbed by our cells. This is a major difference when compared to non-structured water which forms in larger clusters and is not easily absorbed. Hexagonal water is also referred to H302

The micro clustered Cerra Water is the important key to the best hydration. A properly hydrated body will be around 80% water by body weight. A dehydrated person can drop to around 50% water by body weight. People can drink copious amounts of unstructured water and still be dehydrated.

Hexagonal water is now very rarely found in nature due to pollution and unnatural chemical water treatment. It is only found in rare springs and few other natural water sources have not been negatively affected. Once exposed to pollution and the water becomes unstructured it holds this “memory imprint” and will continue to macro-cluster. Regular filtering or other forms of water purification will not remove this negative “memory imprint” from the water. The only way is to transform the water through a natural ionization process which our Cerra Water Cartridges performs. The OH– Ions in the Cerra Water forms the micro-clustered hexagonal water which is also referred to as H302 which has the characteristics including having the negative charge and being alkaline as both characteristics are synergistically intertwined.

Micro clustered water hexagonal water


6. Energized - Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology

  • Imprints new memory into the water
  • Infused with 18000+ healing frequencies
  • Uses proprietary B.F.I.T.

All our Cerra Water cartridges are infused with our propriety Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology ( BFIT) which imbibes the water (transduction) with full spectrum of healing frequencies. It has been shown that water holds memory or frequencies. This is the basis of homeopathy. Cerra Water not only removes all the previous negative energetic frequencies in the source water but now put in a full spectrum of over 18, 000 healing frequencies in to the Cerra Water. Regular water is transformed by the energy frequencies it absorbs as it passes thru the Cerra Water cartridge. This has a very subtle but profound effect on one's health.

It has been proven that if a substance is placed in water then the water will carry the memory of the substance even when no measurable molecules of the original substance remain. The water will absorb the frequencies of the substance which can have a negative or positive effect on our health. Simply removing the contaminants and toxins form the water is not enough. We must remove the energetic impressions of the chlorine etc and other contaminates from the water to truly make it healthy, life giving water. Cerra Water is one only filter that has this BFIT that not only removes the energetic contaminants but to infuse the water with thousands of healing frequencies.

Other water ionizers only addresses the material properties of the water while ignoring it's profound energetic properties.

  • The electric ionizers put out a very strong EMF's as measured by a Gauss meter. We are now finding that these toxic EMF frequencies are in the water and have a very gradually but long term negative effect on our health! One cannot put highly charged water that is created by running electricity thru the water without some long terms effect on our delicate magnetic field.
  • The cheap imitation alkaline pitchers can have lead, aluminum, mercury etc in their filter cartridge. Independent laboratory tests have proven that the aluminum does leach into the water. What are these heavy metals doing energetically to the water? The energetic signature of bad elements is in this alkaline water and will have a negative effect on our energetic field.

"Water is the life blood of the earth. When water is healthy it has a complex structure that enables it to communicate information, carry energy, nutrients and healing, to self-cleanse and discharge wastes."
    ~Viktor Schauberger, Forester, Naturalist and Water Visionary



  • Cerra Water greatly helps to "Detox" your body
  • Eliminate accumulated toxins and acidic waste
  • You may experience a cleansing response

Ionized alkaline water helps the body release with toxins within the body which can help improve the body's metabolic rate, helps with weight loss and proper weight maintenance. Maintaining a body with low amounts of toxins reduces the chances of disease and sickness in many instances. Alkaline water is good for flushing out the excess acids which is the cause of most diseases.

When you begin drinking alkaline, ionized water, you are likely to experience profound, positive changes within a short period of time.  Common benefits include more energy, sounder sleep, improved digestion, positive mood and outlook, reduced discomfort, relief from acute and chronic problems, and improved stamina, performance and recovery. Every Body is unique in the way it utilizes nutrients, therefore, the timing and nature of the changes that occur will vary from person to person.

Over time, our bodies accumulate toxins – acid wastes - from pesticide residues on produce, chemicals in processed foods, impurities in the air and water, pharmaceutical drug residues, poor digestion and elimination, etc. When the metabolism is unable to remove these toxic molecules, they are stored in the cells and tissues of the body. As the metabolism becomes stronger with the addition of super-hydrating, ionized Cerra Water, the body will begin to flush out stored toxins. This is very good!  This ‘Cleansing Response’ is an important part of the natural health-building process.
Many people don’t notice any discomfort during the cleansing process, but for some the process of eliminating stored toxins can be rather uncomfortable. Fatigue, headache, flu-like symptoms, skin reactions, mood changes, irregular sleep patterns, digestive upset, aches and pains, allergic symptoms, etc., may occur during a cleansing process. Cleansing responses vary and depend upon the unique body chemistry and state of health of each individual. While most people notice little or no noticeable reaction to the detoxification process, some will experience one or more of the symptoms listed above, according to their body’s own functioning.

Following are some ways you can support your body’s natural healing response. These suggestions apply to everyone, whether you are experiencing any discomfort or not:

  • Drink plenty of water.  This will help flush toxins from the cells and support the kidney’s cleansing function. If you feel you are cleansing too quickly, either dilute your Cerra Water with regular water or start very slowly. You can start by drinking 2 glasses of Cerra Water/day and gradually build up to 8 or more glasses of Cerra Water/day.
  • Increase your intake of raw, fiber-containing foods like fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce your intake of processed, refined, acidic foods, such sugars, caffeine, alcohol, artificial flavors and colors, and chemical additives).
  • Exercise – walk, bike, yoga – just move. Exercise supports healthy elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Remember, some people need to go very slowly in rebuilding their health. These are often the people who have the most dramatic transformation in well-being over the long term.  Building health is a process. Be patient and loving with yourself, and celebrate each small step toward optimal wellness!



  • 90% of Americans are chronically dehydrated
  • Cerra Water is more easily absorbed by the body
  • Cerra water makes smaller water clusters for better absorption

Dehydration is the main condition that encourages pathogenic growth and disease in the body. Although many people ( athletes) drink copious amounts water they are still chronically dehydrated. Recent surveys have indicated that 90% of American are chronically dehydrated. In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak it is mistaken as hunger. Even mild dehydration will slow down one's metabolism as much as 3%. A mere drop of 2% hydration can trigger fuzzy short- term memory, trouble with basic math and difficultly focusing. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) shows that the Cerra Water clusters are less than 1/3 the size of a regular water cluster hence more absorbable.  

The smaller water clusters have a much easier time crossing the cell membrane through the aquaporins (portals into the cell), leading to enhanced hydration as the water’s molecules are more easily absorbed by the body’s cell structures. Cerra Water is far more hydrating than regular water since it is a much smaller water cluster and can easily be absorbed into the cell. Cerra Water is one of the few water companies to have done the nuclear magnetic resonances of water clusters showing its micro-clustering effects.

nmr cerra water test You can perform your own home demonstration of enhanced absorption by using the teabag test. Place a new black tea bag into a glass of Cerra Water and another one into a glass of tap water at the same time and compare the difference in color. The Cerra Water immediate absorbs the tea as indicated by the much darker tea colored water as compared to the tea regular water.

learn moreWant to learn more about Cerra Water? Click “Learn More” to read a detailed breakdown about the materials, safety features and testing. See how Cerra Water compares against other water filtration systems and more.