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Best way to get Alkaline water

I have use my pitcher for many years now and I find it is great for making coffee every morning without all the acid I brings. I seem to drink more water with no acid reflux even after drinking wine or beer also.
The price by making it yourself comes down to pennies and not dollars.

Testimonial By: Robert Eggers  — El Segundo, CA, United States

Makes Water Tasty & Healthy

I love the way these filters make my water taste. I have well water and due to stomach cancer years ago, I am limited in what I can drink. As you can Imagine I am tired of water. These filers make water tasty again. Clean and refreshing. These are better than any other store-bought filter I have tried.

Testimonial By: Theresa D.

Helped recover from bulged discs

Had 3 herniated discs. I read an article that said discs can bulge/herniate when our bodies are dehydrated and also due to ageing and being dehydrated. I saw Cerra water on the healthy wave website and read how hydrating it could be. Well I bought the kit and started drinking slow and have worked up to 50 ounces and the pain is 90% improved and my skin is much softer . When I drink the Cerra Water I have a cooling/refreshing feeling. It has really helped. I still have to get to the 80 ounces daily for my weight but you know I have to work every day. I know I will get there soon.

Testimonial By: Rosemary T.

Taken away gut pain

Thank you for putting out such an awesome pitcher. This will be my 4th order with Cerra Water and I need more filters but this time I want to order the 3 pack as I usually order 1 at a time lol.....I want to ask for a discount or a special offer on 3 filters. I am a very loyal customer and to me, there is no other water pitcher and filter out there. I can say that with all honesty because this water has taken away a constant pain I had in my gut after only 2 hours of consuming the water.

Testimonial By: Anonymous

You taste immediately it's different.

You notice immediately the water is. "thinner", you know it's getting into your system.
So easy going down. I use to dislike drinking water, now I thoroughly enjoy.

Testimonial By: Susan Philibert  — New Bern, NC, United States