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Love this Cerra Water Pitcher!

Love this Cerra Water Pitcher! It's an invested up front for sure. However, I am saving so much money while helping the environment by no longer having to purchase bottled water, load it into my car then into my home. I fill it up the pitcher each night. It tastes sweet, even better than the Evamor bottled water that I've been purchasing for years. I LOVE WATER! I tested the PH to compare and it is right on where is should be. I compared the PH of the Cerra Pitcher with the Evamore bottled water along with my refrigerator dispensed water which is also filtered. I was very surprised to see the PH of the dispensed water from my fridge to be very close to the PH of the Cerra Pitcher and Evamore bottle water. I use the water from my fridge filtered dispenser to fill the Cerra Pitcher. Highly recommend the Cerra Pitcher. Great Investment!!! SE

Testimonial By: Sharon E.

Staying Hydrated was a challenge until I found Cerra Water

After having stomach cancer and having most of my stomach removed staying hydrated is challenging for me. I am so happy I found this system. I can already feel the difference. No more bottled water for me.

Testimonial By: Theresa D.

No more cramps

My mom sufferes bad leg cramps due to a couple issues she has with auto-immune things. When she drinks the water from the cerra filter, they are almost non-existant. The other day she was doing some work outside and when she drank water, she didn't use the filter because she was in a hurry. She had leg cramps that night. It's shocking what a difference the filter makes for her.

Testimonial By: Charity  — Dothan, AL, United States

Worth It!

Just had to tell you I’ve been using the Cerra Water filter for a month and gotta say it’s the best tasting water I’ve ever had - I hope it has the touted health benefits but at this point the taste alone makes it sooooo worth it, and I live in a town that has very good tasting water…..or so I thought. :)

Testimonial By: Betsy K

I stopped drinking sugary drinks

I’ve had the Cerra Water Pitcher for ten years.

Before using this filtration system, I hated drinking water and avoided it. Now I love water and have cut out all pop, juices, sugary drinks, etc. I had no idea it was because of the way that the water tasted.

Thank you for your wonderful products. I got the pitcher for my Siblings as well and they love it. I tell all my friends and family about it!

Testimonial By: TJ  — Toronto, ON, Canada