About Us

Cerra Water is a family run business who has been in the alkaline water and ionizer industry since it was introduced to North America. Initially we were using electrical ionizers but started to see problems in using this unnatural process. This is when we discovered the technology behind non electrical ionizers and brought it to North America. The Cerra Water Pitcher was the first and original alkaline pitcher available in North America which we have been improving over the years.

We based the Cerra Pitcher around our values of performance, quality and safety. From our previous experience with electrical ionizers we knew we didn't want to overlook any aspect of the product as this could create adverse health effects for the consumer years in the future. Rather than tell you a story of how alkaline water changed our lives we would like to share with you why we make the Cerra Pitcher the way we do.


Why we only use quality materials

The first step is using only quality materials. Since alkaline water is more easily absorbed into the body any toxins or chemicals, no matter how small, can leach into the water causing adverse health effects years in the future. This is why we only use BPA free German TUV certified plastic which has been tested for any type of leaching. This can be identified by the "SAN 7" plastic type and "knife and fork" symbol at the bottom of the pitcher.

This may shock you but the Cerra Pitcher is one of the only alkaline water pitchers which uses safe plastic. If you check the bottom of almost any other alkaline pitcher you will find no plastic type indication or food safe mark. Even if the box says it is BPA free if there is no markings on the bottom of the pitcher itself the plastic is not safe, not BPA free and will leach chemicals into the water.

The second major component to the alkaline water pitcher is the media inside the cartridge which performs the magic behind creating the alkaline water, adding the anti-oxidants and micro-clustering it. Our Cerra-Ceramic media is WQA certified which again ensured there is no toxins in them. Just like the unsafe plastic there is poor quality media from China which can leach toxins into your water. Unless the product is specified to be NSF or WQA certified you can almost guarantee their media is from China and is not guaranteed to be safe.


Why our alkaline water is the best

We say this because there is very big differences in alkaline water, the term alkaline water can cover water which is alkalized in any way and not all alkalinity is good for your, some can even be unsafe and unhealthy. With Cerra Water we focus on providing the right type of alkalinity which is beneficial for your health and not just making the water look alkaline to give the illusion you will be receive the healthy benefits.

You can create alkaline water by using calcium carbonate, baking soda and even bleach. Of course none of these are healthy for you but they are still "alkaline water". Cerra Water gets its alkalinity by adding calcium, potassium, zinc and magnesium all in a ionic form all in the perfect ratios. These are the 4 essential minerals for supporting your nervous system. The importance them being in an ionic form is so they can actually be absorbed into your body.

Most other alkaline pitchers will raise their alkalinity by primarily using cheap calcium. This will make the water look alkaline but does not provide the same health benefits Cerra Water does. In fact these products usually add way too much calcium to the level which if consumed over a long period of time can cause health problems.

Overall we have worked hard to provide the best quality product we can. We have done the research and tested countless products and materials out there and came out with the Cerra Pitcher. The Cerra Pitcher is for the conscious consumer who wants to make the best choice for their health.