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Cerra Water - Water You can Trust


  • a special proprietary combination of carbon and special Cerra Water-ceramic balls. These Cerra Water-transformational balls are made from a variety of inorganic minerals, semi precious stones and crystals.
  • These bio-transformational balls are proprietary for the manufacturing process, equipment and composition of what is in the cartridge. No one else can replicate this process or the balls.
  • Although made of minerals there is no detection of heavy metals according to the tests done by FDA certified lab.
  • What do these different Cerra Water - ceramics balls do:
    • add magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium to make mineralized alkaline water in a ionic form.
    • add molecular hydrogen
    • emit a natural far-infrared ray which is very healthy for the body by stimulating the body to remove toxins and natural healing abilities.
    • emit negative ions which is necessary for survival. The electro-magnetic frequencies and toxics in our environment ( air, food) destroy the negative ions which are necessary for good health.
    • emit a unique natural fine vibration of piezo electric to energize the water.
    • aid in the removal of impurities and heavy harmful metals
    • creates anti-oxidants in the water and removes harmful free radicals
    • micro-cluster the water so water and nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body
    • reduces bad smell from organic matter, chlorine, chloramines and other impurities
    • reduces carcinogens ( THN, chloroform)
    • makes the water taste fresh
  • Our Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology ( BFIT) -erases all the negative frequencies and adds over 18,000 healing frequencies to the water.


  • Activated Carbon-  made by natural coconut carbon with the essential effect of to  improve taste, reduce  odour and  chlorine. The  anti-bacteria balls are mixed into the carbon insure that is a bacteria resistant.
  • Certified and manufactured to strict ISO 9000:1 International standards to demonstrate products and services meet regulatory requirements and continuous improvement. Independent testing certification through the European Institute of Mother & Child, meet or exceed the ANSI42 Chemical Reduction Standard.
  • Independent certified  laboratory tests confirm that the cartridge reduces chlorine, heavy metal and other pollutants.
  • Benefits of anti-oxidant water:

    1. Flushes acidic metabolites and toxins from the cellular level.
    2. Supplies health sustaining minerals such as Ca, K, Zn, Mg to the body.
    3. Contains smaller Water Clusters(51.497 Hz) that hydrates the body up to 3x more effective than normal water.
    4. Facilitate nutrients and mineral absorption efficiently.
    5. Promotes general well-being by restoring the body.

    The Pitcher

    Capacity- 1.8 liters of filtered water( total capacity is 3.3 liters)


    • BPA/ BPS  Free- plastic is SANS which has no polycarbonates (which can leach dangerous chemicals.) It falls under the good #7 plastics for food safety. Many companies that claim to be BPA free have just substitute with BPS which is just as toxic since it still contains the same bishphenol chemicals. The Cerra Water pitcher has the safest plastic (almost like glass) that you can get today. SAN is higher quality plastic with increased strength, rigidity, toughness and temperature and chemical resistance.
    • German TUV certification for food hygiene and safety test.

    food safe plasticFood Safe- the “food grade” symbol (a glass and fork symbol) on the bottom of the pitcher indicts that it is safe for use of food and beverages. This standard symbols issued by authority’s/institutions, such as the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration), EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), SPI (Society of Plastic Industry).

    Some manufacturers seeking to save money have switched from BPA to BPS. BPS is a BPA analogue with the same bisphenol chemical class-which may be every bit as toxic. This allows companies to claim that they are now “BPA-free,” and technically, they are but they still contain bisphenol!

    Our Cerra plastic pitchers are also BPS free as they don’t contain any polycarbonates. We prefer this German TUV certification that confirms there is no leaching rather than just counting on the plastic type category number.

    Food Storage Symbols for Plastics:

    safety tested knife and fork To insure the container of food and beverage packaging is safe it should be labelled with;  the standard symbols issued by authority’s/institutions, such as the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration), EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), SPI (Society of Plastic Industry).
    Symbol 'Food Grade' a glass and fork symbols indicating that the container is safe to use for food and beverages.Look for the cup and fork symbol on the bottom of the pitcher.

    How to tell if a water pitcher is made of safe plastic

    cerra pitcher safe plasticknock off pitcher


    Testing Summary for pH, ORP, TDS & Hydrogen

    The tap water used was a good quality potable water processed by local municipality. Test results will vary depending on your local source water quality.

    The below are typical indicative testing results.

    Tap Water and RO Purified Water Testing

    Tap Water Quality

    Tap Water Quality

    • ORP:+285mv
    • pH:8.3pH
    • TDS:335ppm
    RO Water Quality

    RO Purified Water Quality

    • ORP:+343mv
    • pH:7.0pH
    • TDS:20ppm

    CerraWater Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Water Filter Jug

    Add Tap Water and RO Purified Water to Cerra Water Pitcher/Cartridge testing

    Cerra Waterfrom tap water

    Tap Water +CerraWater

    • ORP:-666mv
    • pH:9.9pH
    • TDS:298ppm
    • Hydrogen: 589 ppb
    Cerra water from RO Water

    RO Purified Water +CerraWater

    • ORP:-706mv
    • pH:10.1pH
    • TDS:77ppm

    Plain Water Filter Jug (BRITA) Testing

    Tap Water plus Brita

    Tap Water +BRITA

    • ORP:+242mv
    • pH:7.7pH
    • TDS:255ppm
    RO Water Plus Brita

    RO Purified Water +BRITA

    • ORP:+387mv
    • pH:5.8pH
    • TDS:13ppm

    Cerra Water Testing

    Comparison - Ionizers and Alkaline Water

    How Do Other Types of Filtration Differ From Cerra Water?

    Reverse Osmosis - RO

    • Works for removing everything from the water ( fluoride, cryptosporidium, and pharmaceuticals )but in the process  it removes all the healthy minerals making the water very acidic and high in free radicals. Free radicals increases cellar damage and degeneration. All this can be addressed by running RO water thru the Cerra Water pitcher to create alive, anti-oxidant alkaline water. RO water is very aggressive water but by running it through the Cerra Water pitcher it  absorbs  the ionic Cerra Water minerals and the anti-oxidants creating very clean, alive  healthy water.
    RO Water Unit

    Best way of cleaning water. Can remove fluoride, pharmaceuticals , cryptosporidium etc

    Removes all minerals creating dead, very acid water which is high in damaging free radicals

    Brita: NSF 42 & 53  

    • Contain specialized resins that remove copper, mercury, cadmium, chlorine etc. These resins turn the water more acidic and increase free radical damage.  One of the advantages of the Cerra Water pitcher is that it can take very clean but acidic water and make it anti-oxidant alkaline water. Cerra Water cannot put these other Brita type resins  into our cartridge as they would destroy its ability to create alive anti-oxidant alkaline water.  
    brita filters

    Reduces chlorine and many contaminates from water

    Does not remove fluoride. Resins remove minerals creating water that is more acid with damaging free radicals


    Is All Alkaline Water The Same?

    It is very easy to create alkaline water by adding baking soda, cheap calcium or even bleach! These other alkaline waters lack the health benefits Cerra Water provides. The secret behind Cerra Water is the 6 step process, and the select essential alkaline minerals added and the ionic form they come it which allow the body to absorb them improving your health.

    Lab results prove that the minerals magnesium, potassium, zinc with a bit of calcium are added to our Cerra Water. This ideal ratio of minerals supports a healthy functioning nervous system and body. Magnesium is our biggest nutritional deficiency today so that is why Cerra focuses on adding this very important mineral.

    All the minerals are ionic to insure maximum absorption. Ionic means the molecule has a negative charge just like Cerra Water has. In order for a mineral to be absorbed it must be absorbed into the cells. This can only be done though pass by the cell gate keepers, the aquaporins, which are positively charged. Just like magnets this means only molecules with a negative charge can be absorbed.


    The 2 most common requested comparisons are;

    1. How is the Cerra Pitcher different from an Electrical Ionizer?
    2. How is the Cerra Pitcher different from the other Alkaline Pitcher found in store or online?

    We have prepared 2 comparison charts and summaries highlighting the major and important advantages the Cerra Pitcher has over both.

    1) Comparison to Electrical Ionizers

    Ionizing Process Cerra Water Mother Earth Electrolysis
    Needs Electricity No No Yes
    Creates Harmful EMFs to People No No Yes
    Wastes Water No No Yes
    Natural Process Yes Yes No
    Electromagnetic Radiation No No Yes
    High Cost No No Yes
    Filter Replacement Yes No Yes
    Wears out No No Yes
    Anti-oxidants Yes Yes Yes
    Anti-oxidant loss No No Yes
    Alkaline Yes Yes Yes
    Micro- Clustering Yes Yes Yes
    Molecular Hydrogen Yes Yes Yes
    Energetically Enhanced Yes N/A No
    Portable Yes No No
    Essential Minerals Perfect balance of essential minerals Varies Depends upon source water
    Can use Reverse Osmosis water with it Yes N/A No
    Chlorine Reduction Yes N/A Yes
    Chloramines Reduction Yes N/A No
    Bacteria Reduction Yes N/A Yes
    Increased Calcium Yes Yes Yes
    Increased Magnesium Yes Yes No
    Increased Potassium Yes Yes No
    Increased Zinc Yes Yes No
    Heavy Metal Removal Yes N/A ?
    Food Safe Plastic Yes N/A No
    WQA Safety Certification Yes N/A No
    Conclusion Best Better Good

    Summary of Electrical Ionizers Vs Cerra Water

    Cerra Water is able to do everything an electrical ionizer can do and more at a fraction of a price. The process is more natural and adds more essential minerals to the water than the electrical ionizers. The Cerra Water Pitcher is also safer as it can reduce more contaminants and is made of food safe plastic unlike electrical ionizers which use non food safe plastic in all their tubing. Cerra Water is taken through a natural process which mimics mother natural compared to running electricity through water which is very unnatural creating unstable electrically charged water. Before electrical ionizers may have been a good choice, when they were the only choice available, but now are outdated technology where the Cerra Pitcher outperforms in all ways. Also very importantly electrical ionizers emit harmful EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) which have been shown as harmful to human health. This is a serious concern for all electrical ionizers including the hydrogen producing types. It is best to avoid harmful EMF’s whenever you can.


    2) Comparison to Other Alkaline Pitchers (Cheap Imitation Jugs)

    Features Cerra Water Other Imitation Alkaline Pitcher
    Alkaline Yes Yes
    pH Alkalinity level 8.5-9.5 7.5-8.0
    Adds Calcium Yes Yes
    Adds Magnesium Yes No
    Adds Potassium Yes No
    Adds Zinc Yes No
    Anti-oxidants Yes No
    Micro-clustering Yes No
    Molecular Hydrogen Added Yes No
    Removes Chlorine Yes Yes
    Removes Chloramines Yes No
    Food Safe Plastic Yes No
    Energetically enhanced (BFIT) Yes No
    pH drops included ($20 value) Yes No
    Made In USA China
    Value @ Quality Excellent Poor

    Summary of other Alkaline Pitchers and the Cerra Pitcher

    When looking at lower priced alkaline pitchers in stores or online with prices from $49-$59 they may seem like a good deal but when you look at what they actually do and what you actually get their value looks unattractive. The alkaline water they make is usually a lower alkalinity level that is only achieved by only adding calcium in very high levels that is not necessarily beneficial in such high amounts. Some initially give a slight anti-oxidant value when first tested but this goes away after a few uses. The cheap imitation alkaline pitchers simply don’t have the full qualities of the Cerra Water process. The Cerra Water Pitcher adds a full range of essential minerals including magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium all in healthy levels along with anti-oxidants, molecular hydrogen, and micro clustered water that will last for the life span of the cartridge of 2-3 month

    Made in China compared to USA

    The other alkaline pitchers are primarily made in China which is why they are so cheap. This cost savings comes at the cost of non food safe plastic which can leach chemicals into your water and filter media which can contain other toxic elements. The other alkaline pitchers contain no official independent safety testing because they would not meet the standards. Even though these alkaline pitchers are found in health food stores it does not mean they are safe.
    Cerra Water is made in USA and only made of the quality materials including German Certified Plastic, the cartridges have passed WQA safety regulations and plastic made of BPA free food safe which has been tested per German standards


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