Cerra Water®

Cerra Water focusing on quality when creating alkaline water by taking the water through a precise 6 step process to give you the best water we can for your health. Cerra water starts with filtration which leads into alkalinity, adding anti-oxidants, micro clustering and then energizing the water through a proprietary infusion process imprinting the water with thousands of beneficial energy patterns.

Step 1: Filtration

Cerra Water is the first filter cartridge to simultaneously filter water while alkalizing it and more. Each cartridge uses high quality carbon and proprietary anti-bacterial and other CerraCeramic balls to reduce chlorine, chloramines, prevent bacterial growth, remove heavy metals and other contaminants. Continue to Filtration section.

cerra pitcher

Step 2: Alkalinity

In today's world we are constantly put into an acidic state by food, stress and toxins, which is the basis of disease and pain. Cerra Water raises the pH to 8.5-9.5 by adding the perfect balance of naturally ionized magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium. Ionized minerals are more easily assimilated which help support your nervous system and overall health. Continue to Alkalinity section.


Step 3: Anti-Oxidants

You can now get your anti-oxidants by simply drinking Cerra Water. Anti-oxidants can prevent free radical damage, slow down aging, help reverse diseases, ease digestive issues and reduce pain.
Cerra Water restructures the water, which lowers the ORP ( oxidative reduction potential ) giving the micro clustered water molecules a negative charge (abundant in electrons). Cerra Water cartridge regularly creates a    -150 to -500 ORP making its anti-oxidant strength as powerful as any anti-oxidant supplement. Continue to Anti-oxidant section.

cerra water antioxidants

Step 4: Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen additionally helps to reduce oxidative stress, and exhibits having anti-inflammatory effects. The dissolved hydrogen in the Cerra Water works as a selective antioxidant which also fights free radicals. Cerra Water creates molecular hydrogen of up to 600 ppb. Continue to Molecular Hydrogen section.

molecular hydrogen

Step 5: Micro-clustered/ Hexagonal Water

Cerra Water restructures the water creating smaller crystalline, hexagonally shaped water clusters. For billions of years water has been hexagonal in an organized matrix until exposed to man-made pollution. Through our proprietary bio-ceramic process Cerra Water mimics how nature created hexagonal water. Smaller and hexagonally shaped water clusters are more hydrating due to their rapid absorption into our bodies. This structure of water is now also known as EZ water. Continue to Micro-clustered/ Hexagonal Water section.

Micro clustered water

Step 6: Energizing

Water has been proven to carry an energetic memory of all its past events including chlorination and other unnatural processes. Cerra Water uses Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT) to program the Cerra Ceramics in the Cerra Water cartridge to remove this negative memory of the water and reprogram it with thousands of natural healing frequencies. Continue to Energizing section.


Cerra Water Process:

  1. Filtration
  2. Alkalize
  3. Anti-oxidants
  4. Molecular Hydrogen
  5. Micro-cluster/ hexagonal water
  6. Energize- BFIT- Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology

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