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Q: What is the difference between the European manufactured and the USA manufactured Cerra products?

A: The European pitchers are our newest model having a different design with  fewer  moving parts.  Both the USA and the European have food/water safety certifications etc. There is no significant difference in the quality so go with the design and color you prefer. 

 Our European filters are a bit smaller so don’t last quite as long. They do have a higher pH of 10 (depending upon source water), are faster to activate and are less expensive to manufacture in comparison to manufacturing in the USA.

All filters and pitchers are interchangeable. Both types of filters   fit both pitchers. All Cerra products are shipped from USA or Canada.

Q: How long do the filters last?

A: This depends upon source water. The cleaner the water (low TDS) the longer the filter will last.  With Made in USA filters will last a minimum of 250 liters. The European filters should be changed approximately every 150 liters or every 2-3 months for one person. Adjust the calendar indicator on the lid  of both types of pitchers  to indicate  the date that you  started  a new filter so you  always know when to change it.

Q: Why do I need to change the filter after 2-3 months since my Cerra Water is still testing out alkaline?  

A: The lifespan of the filters is not determined by the pH of the water. The pH is very stable and your water can test out alkaline for over a year! After the recommended change date the filters start losing their other functionalities including filtering, antioxidants and micro clustering. If you use pre-filtered water or RO water the carbon filtering life can be extended but the other features which help make Cerra Water so great such as the anti-oxidants, molecular hydrogen and micro clustering will be greatly diminished. Cerra Water is far more than alkaline water. It is the synergistic combination of these features that creates the healthiest t water you can drink. You need to charge your filter every 3 month regardless of the good alkalinity.

Q: How much water should I drink?

A: If you are new to alkaline water you should start out drinking alkaline water slowly with only a few glasses per day as to not trigger a detox. After that you should drink half your body weight in ounces.

Q: Why is the Cerra Water Pitcher more expensive than other Alkaline Pitchers?

A: The Cerra Water Pitcher is made of only high quality materials. Other cheaper alkaline pitchers are sold cheaper because they are made of low quality materials from China which in many cases can be unsafe and toxic.  Our Cerra Water pitcher is one of the few water products that have the ”food and water  safety certification"  logo  on the   bottom    of the pitcher. This specialized plastic is the closest material to glass without the weight and breakage of glass. Plastic that is suitable to use for food or drinks should always have the Food Safe logo imprinted in the plastic.

Most alkaline water pitchers are just adding a cheaper calcium carbonate to the filter to create alkaline water but Cerra water creates alkaline ionized water.  Our Cerra Water not only adds   ionic mineral to create alkaline water but also adds anti-oxidants along with molecular hydrogen. The Cerra Water is 3 times more hydrating due to micro clustering of the water. You can still be dehydrated even if you drinking lots of water.  Cerra water is absorbed at the cellular level so the cells can absorb the minerals and antioxidants for healthy cell renewal. You are not what you eat or drink but what you absorb.

Q: Why isn't Cerra Water found in major retail chains?

A: Major retail chains are unable to educate consumers of the quality of the Cerra Water technology and quality. When sitting side by side on a shelf next to a $49 knock off alkaline pitcher they look similar. Most retail chains will sell whatever consumers will buy easily and many consumers just want the lowest price possible. Instead Cerra Water is carried by specialty health stores and distributors who only want to carry high quality products as they care about their customers and want them to take home a product which will improve their health. If you are interested in distributing Cerra Water please contact us for more information.

Q: Can I cook with Cerra Water?

A: Yes, you can cook with the Cerra water as it will increase the antioxidant and alkaline levels of the food and make the food healthier and more energized. 

Q: Can I make tea and coffee with Cerra Water?

A: You can make coffee with Cerra Water Pitcher. The alkalinity of the water will cut the acidity of the coffee   giving it a very smooth taste.

Q: How much can I fill the Cerra Pitcher up?

A:You can fill the Pitcher up to the the bottom of the reservoir like in the picture.cerra water pitcher full

Best way to use your Cerra Pitcher:
Fill up the insert bowl 2 times.  This is the max amount of water that can be held in the lower pitcher reservoir.
Whenever you use water from the pitcher, always top it up so it is full for the next time. This way you always have fresh alkaline, anti-oxidant, micro-clustered water ready for use. As long as the water touches the filter, it continues to get stronger. Keep your Cerra Pitcher by the faucet.

Q: Why is the water running so slow through the pitcher?

A: The source water is one of the key determining factors on how long it takes for the water to run through.
As the filter reaches the end of its life span (2-3 months - depending upon how clean your source water is), the carbon has absorbed the maximum amount of contaminants. This will also slow water flow through the filter. This usually indicates that filter needs be changed. If your filters is flowing slowly early in its lifespan then just shake the filter up to redistribute the materials inside and you should be able to get a faster water flow going again.

Q: My water is not very alkaline, what do I do?

A: NOTE: Please ensure that your pH testing kit is not old. Once opened and it is over a year it may not be giving accurate readings. If your pH reagent drops have been exposed to light or air it may have some oxidation occurring and it will not give you a true reading on the pH of your water. You may need a fresh pH testing kit to get an accurate reading. The pH strips in the Health Food store are designed to measure the pH of saliva and urine, and they are not accurate for water. Other meters like pH soil meters are also not designed for testing water. Additionally sometimes cheap pH drops do not test a wide range of pH either and cannot measure the higher levels of pH created by Cerra Water. This is the most common reason people find they are not getting a good pH is they are using the wrong type of pH testing kit.
Below are other possible reasons why you may not be getting accurate pH readings:

  • You may not be testing the water properly by using too much water. You only need 0.5 to 1oz of water with 3 drops of pH reagent. If you dilute the reagent with too much water, you will get a lower reading. As long as you are getting a blue tone to the water while testing you are getting a high pH. This is not an exact science and the water source may affect the reading.
  • Cartridge has not been activated correctly. Please shake and then soak the cartridge. 
  • The water is channeling in the cartridge. Please shake the filter to redistribute the bio-ceramic beads so the water will hit the fresh bio-ceramics in the filter.
Q: Well Water- will the Cerra Pitcher work with well water?

A: We cannot guarantee a high pH with well water or that filters will last their expected life span. All well water is very different and a high pH cannot be guaranteed when using your well water as your source water. To achieve the best results please use potable water such as tap water that has gone through the cities basic filtering process, even better use reverse osmosis or pre filtered water for the Cerra Pitchers. Any refunds issued for a poor pH with well water will only be partially refunded.

Q: After I activate the cartridge, is it necessary to keep the filter submerged in water at all times?

A: No, the filter does not need to be submerged all the time. As long as you are using the pitcher on a regular basis, the filter will remain activated. If you are going away and will not be using it for over a week then let it dry out completely, it will take about 4-5 days. You will then have to reactivate the filter by giving it a good soaking.

Q: Are there any negative health effects from drinking water with too high of a pH over a long period of time?

A:Most people's bodies are so acidic due to stress and a polluted environment (food, air etc.), that it is very difficult to over-alkalize your body, but not impossible. Cerra Water acts to buffer the acid elements in our body and environment helping protect our bones and tissues etc. Better health is promoted when you have a balanced pH.

Q: Water Channeling

A:To prolong the life of the cartridge it may need to be reactivated. “Water channeling “can happen when the water running thru the cartridge takes the same path every time (the path of least resistance). The water is then touching the same bio-ceramic beads which deplete the bio-ceramics beads. To resolve this issue, take the cartridge out and shake it or tap it to redistribute the bio-ceramics. You may notice that the first water running thru needs to be thrown out because the carbon dust is being flushed out. You should do this every 2-4 weeks when they wash their pitcher. Once the cartridge has been reactivated then you will notice that the pH and ORP return to their former state. The life of the cartridge will depend upon the source water.

Q: How can I adjust the pH, anti-oxidants and micro-clustering in my water?

A:If the water in the pitcher is touching the filter then it will continue to increase in anti-oxidants, micro-clustering and alkalinity. The longer the water is in contact with the cartridge the stronger it will become. Leave the water in the pitcher touching the cartridge overnight and get into the habit of topping up the water in the pitcher every time you use it. This way there is always a full pitcher of alive with natural alkaline, anti-oxidant micro- clustered water
If you want to lower the pH of Cerra Water, partially fill a glass with Cerra Water and then top up with regular purified water (acidic). The additional of the acidic water will lower the pH of the water.   

Q: What contaminants does the Cerra Water cartridge remove from the water?

A: The Cerra Water Cartridges are designed for use with only potable water. Cerra Water cartridges remove/reduce the following standard contaminants, chlorine, chloramines, iron, sodium, aluminum, antimony, arsnic, barium, berylium, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, manganese, mickel, selenium, silver, thalliium, zinc, sulfate(SO4), bromochloromethane, bromoform, dibromonchloromethane, methyl chloride, mercury.

Depending on the source water there may be other less typical items in the water which are also reduced/removed. All source water varies and there are different levels of substances in the source water.

Q: What minerals are added to the water?

A: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium & Zinc

Q: Does the Cerra Water Cartridge take out Fluoride?

A: The Cerra Water cartridge reduces fluoride but does not significantly remove it, as fluoride is very difficult to remove from the water. Any filter system that can take out fluoride also strips of water of all the minerals etc.
The Cerra Water cartridge does remove or reduces the chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, pesticides etc.
The most reliable way to get rid of fluoride is to use a Reverse Osmosis system which takes out everything-good and bad. Many people with fluoride in their water will pre-filter the water to remove the fluoride and then run it thru our Cerra Water pitcher to put all the goodness back into the water; ionic minerals, negative hydroxyl ions, anti-oxidants, molecular hydrogen and restructure the water to make it more absorbable. This is then the best of both worlds.

Q: Why does my Cerra pitcher have this cloudy white film on its sides?

A: If your source water is very hard with lots of minerals the water can't absorb them all so a cloudy film of minerals (calcium and magnesium) will build up on the inside of the pitcher. The easiest way to remove it is to soak in diluted vinegar since the acid will dissolve the mineral build up. Your pitcher is still good to use despite it being a bit opaque. This happens regularly in areas with hard water.

Q: Why does my water have grey with black flakes in it?

A:We use a very fine certified carbon to clean the water. The finer the carbon the better it is at removing the contaminants. When you first start using your pitcher you may notice that some carbon dust has slipped thru the bottom screen. It is not harmful to drink the carbon specs but you can simply throw out this water until the specs disappear. You may have to make several flushes before all the carbon dust is flushed from the cartridge.

There is no health issue in ingesting these types of carbon granules. Carbon absorbs contaminants. Carbon tablets are also common things people take if they eat bad food. Our certified carbon is made from coconut shells, an organic matter. You can get this type of carbon in a pill form but you might not want to put it in the water and drink it as it doesn't look tasty at all.

Q: The taste of the Cerra water is very different from what I am used to. Is this normal?

A:The Cerra Water is loaded with minerals (especially magnesium) and negative hydroxyl ions both of which add a taste to the water. Many people enjoy the taste since it tastes "like real water is supposed to taste” and can have sweet taste. If you have been drinking very purified water or Reverse Osmosis water it will taste very different since you are not used to the mineral taste.

Q: Why does my Cerra Water suddenly taste a bit strange?

A:If there is a big release of magnesium too quickly then you can get a very strong mineral taste. Shake the filter for a full minute and then do another soak in water and the strong taste will be gone. Please be assured that there are no chemicals in the water, just too much of a good thing. If the mineral taste is too strong then do not leave the water touching the filter but drink the water after it has run through the cartridge. If the water in the pitcher is touching the filter then it will continue to increase in antioxidants, micro-clustering and alkalinity.

Q: The filter does not fit properly into the funnel of the pitcher?

A:The "Made in USA" cartridge is designed so the head fits above the funnel. See pictures on the web. The cartridge has an "o" ring which fits snugly against the opening of the funnel so there is no seepage this designed filter is bit bigger and lasts than the "Made in Europe" filters.

Q: Can I use my Reverse Osmosis (RO) water with the Cerra Water Pitcher?

A: RO water is devoid of minerals which is why it is referred to as dead water, but is also very aggressive water. RO water grabs minerals even from your body which is why RO water diminishes your own natural minerals leading to health issues. If you put RO water thru the Cerra Water cartridge, then the RO water absorbs the ionic minerals and hydroxyl ions (this adds anti-oxidants, molecular hydrogen and is responsible for the micro-clustering of the water) better than regular water. This combination is the best of both worlds... clean pristine water with only the best added ( right combination of minerals, negative hydroxyl ions, molecular hydrogen) to make the healthiest water possible. If you are using RO water in your Cerra Water pitcher, your cartridge will last an extra month or longer. When you use pre-filtered water the cartridge does not have to work at cleaning the water so it does not deplete as quickly.

Q: What does Ionic Mineral mean?

A: Ionic minerals means that they have a positive (+) or negative (- ) a charge to them. Our minerals have a negative charge to them. In order for minerals to be absorbed thru the aquaporins in the cells they need a negative or neutral charge. A bit like a gate pass you have to present to the gate keeper. That is one of the reasons why our minerals get absorbed at the cellular level. The body doesn't distinguish if the minerals are from a plant source or earth. This is the reason why many of the health food stores now sell ionic minerals.

nmr cerra water test

Q: Where can I get more information about the benefits of Cerra Water?

A: For more details please visit Q:


Ordering Q & A

Q: How do I use the discount coupon for your site?

A: You must first make a customer profile by clicking "log in" at the top right of the screen. After you have created a customer profile and are checking out, enter your code like in the picture below.

apply cerra water discount coupon

Q: What forms of payment do you take?

A: We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Checks, Money Orders or e-transfers in Canada.

Q: Is my transaction secure?

A: Yes all transaction are processed over a secure SSL connection.

Q: Can I place my order over the phone?

A: We would prefer that you place your order over the internet as our phone lines can be extremely busy. Your order will not be processed any faster if you phone it in.

- If you need help call: US line: 360-355-8167 or Canadian: 778-736-0261

Q: I’ve entered all my information correctly and the payment processor keeps bouncing me back to the payment page. What is going on?

A: a) You may have entered your credit card information or your billing information incorrectly. Make sure the billing information matches the address your credit card is linked to. Please be aware entering incorrect credit card information too many times will block your card from being processed on our website for 24 hours.
b)The issuing bank of the credit card has declined the transaction. You can either call your bank and get the transaction approved, or you can make a paypal account and pay through paypal.

Q: Why is my credit card declined when know I have the enough credit?

A: You may have noticed red bar and a 15005 processor decline.

-This occurs because we are a Canadian company and many credit card companies automatically block any foreign transactions. Although we are a Canadian company we ship out of the state of Washington where we have our warehouse. You also pay in US funds. In order to get your order processed you must phone you credit card company or bank and let them know that you are authorizing this transaction to Innovative Ionizing Technologies or Cerra Water for the amount of _______.

-Due to all the potential fraud out there, many credit card companies are blocking any foreign transactions unless they receive approval by the credit card holder.

-Once you tell your credit card company that this was a valid purchase by you they will open up the gates for a period of time (hours) when you can reprocess your order.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: You are welcome to return any product you are not satisfied with for a refund, minus shipping costs to us within 30 days. As long as you contact us within the 30 days to let us know that you are returning it, we will credit your credit card. Please read the full detail under "Returns and Shipping"

Q: About Us

A: At Cerra Water we are focused on providing the highest quality alkaline, anti-oxidant, hydrating alive water available. Our team are experts in the field of alkaline ionizer water and we have worked hard to make sure you get the best quality alkaline ionized water out there. From the cartridge ingredients to the certified Food Safe non- leaching plastic, only quality materials are used to provide you with the best water for your health. Our cartridges are proprietary technology. We were the first company to create a non-electrical water alkalizer. Although there are many cheap knock offs in the market, they don't have the performance and don't have the level of safety certifications we do.