Shipping, Returns & Warranty

Shipping Policies & Procedures

General Shipping Information (Canada & USA)

  • We use a logistics network with warehouses spread across the USA and Canada to provide the quickest delivery to you within USA & Canada.
  • Once you order is submitted we will begin processing the shipping immediately, you will not be provided a tracking number until it’s shipped or pickup up by the carrier who will deliver your order.
  • Your tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as your order is shipped. Please check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive this email. The tracking number can also be found by logging into your account and checking your “Previous Orders” found under “My Account”.
  • To obtain a shipping quote add the desired items to your shopping cart. Once you have click "estimate shipping" and set the location you would like your order to be shipped to. This will give you the most accurate shipping estimate.
  • We use a diversified option of carriers including USPS, Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, CanPar, Purolator, ICS courier, Amazon Logistics and more. We cannot guarantee the shipping company used when using our Free, Standard or Expedited shipping options. This allows us to provide the quickest and most cost effective shipping methods to your location.
  • Our standard shipping typically delivers between 3-7 business days and our Expedited service is estimated within 2-4 business days. We do not guarantee these delivery times as in rare occasions there may be unforeseen delays in the logistics system.
  • We may require signature confirmation at our discretion and/or for high value orders.
  • If you provide the wrong address, refuse or do not accept delivery and the shipment is returned to us you will receive a refund minus any shipping charges we paid, this includes the shipping charges we incur even when using the “Free Shipping” promotion. E.g. Even if choosing $0 free shipping or $8 standard shipping if our actual shipping charges were $12 we will deduct that amount from your refund.
  • Shipping times are estimates within any shipping method selected and are not guaranteed due to normal issues with the shipper (weather delays, high volume, etc.) or an unforeseen circumstance.


International Shipment information

  • We ship to almost all major countries where we can assure reliable delivery. For International shipping we ship by 3 major carriers. Canada Post, PostNL and APC International Shipping.
  • Our standard shipping is primarily PostNL and APC International Shipping. Shipping times typically are 10-21 business days. To offer these low shipping rates we use a consolidator in Canada so shipments may not be shipped out immediately.
  • For faster shipping please use our Canada Post XpressPost. We process these orders daily and delivery is much quicker. When possible we may also upgrade to UPS shipping at the same expected service standard.
  • If shipping to any countries outside our shipping options or if you want to explore other shipping options you will need to setup your own intermediate shipping method such as In these circumstances we sill ship to your US address as determined by your account (or other shipper per your choice). They can offer lower courier service rates from UPS, Fedex and other shippers compared to what we can offer. Tracking of your package will then be per the option of shipping you select. We will first ship your package to your USA address as per your account with Shipping with will also be faster than with USPS and with rates as low as $11.99 for parcels under 4lbs.
  • You may be required to pay duties and or taxes to the shipping company before your order is delivered. Please familiarize yourself with your local country laws for international shipments entering your country.
  • You are responsible for tracking your order and contacting the shipping company if delivery arrangements/ duties or taxes need to be coordinated. If you ignore this your order may be returned and all of our shipping cost will be deducted from your refund.
  • The most common reason for slow delivery are: Delays clearing customs and the post office holding your shipment due to duties and/or taxes requiring payment. You can monitor both these events by using your tracking number.


Cancelling an Order or Changing Credit Card:

If you wish to cancel an order before it was shipped you must contact us by email ( before 8pm pacific standard time on the same day of placing your order such that we can VOID your credit card charge. If you advise us after 8pm pacific standard time on the same day of placing the order then there will be a 3% credit card processing fee which will be deducted from your refund for canceling the order.

Similarly, if you want to change the credit card used for the order you must contact us by email ( before 8pm pacific standard time on the same day of placing your order such that we can VOID your credit card charge. Then another Credit Card can be used for placing the order. If you advise us after 8pm pacific standard time on the same day of placing the order then there will be a 3% credit card processing fee which will need to be added to your order for changing a credit card.

Once an order is shipped the order cannot be "canceled". The order may be returned under the normal conditions as described in the “Returns” section.

Return Policies and Procedures

  • The 30 day risk free trial: For the initial trial of the Cerra Water Filter, products are eligible for returns within 30 days of the original date of purchase or within 14 days of tracking confirmed delivery for international orders to accommodate longer international shipping times.

    Unused products are eligible for returns within 30 days of the original date of purchase or within 14 days of tracking confirmed delivery for international orders to accommodate longer international shipping times.

    After the initial 30 day risk free trial, further orders are not eligible for additional risk free trial (then our standard product warranty applies)
  • To initiate a return email us at to receive an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization) and inform us which items you will be returning. Typically the return address will be “sender address” on the shipping label; we will confirm the return address in our reply.
    • The RMA number or packing slip/invoice must be included with the return. Either include a copy of your invoice/ packing slip with the return or include the RMA on the shipping label or on a note included with the return. Returns received without at least one of these identifiers will be charged a $10 processing fee and will take longer to process.
    • Returns must be shipped within 14 days after being authorized, if not the RMA will be voided.
  • The customer is responsible for return shipping charges and arranging return shipping. All postage, carrier fees and/or duties need to be pre-paid by the customer. If returns arrive with payment due that amount will be deducted from the total refund amount. We also reserve the right to refuse a returned parcel if exorbitant fees are due on arrival.
  • All shipping fees paid or our actual shipping costs when free shipping promotions are used are non-refundable. Only the product purchase price is eligible for a refund. E.g. even if you received free shipping or only paid $8 for shipping if you shipping cost was $12 we will deduct $12 from your refund.
    • If the “Free Shipping” promotion was used and returned items bring the total product order value to under the free shipping threshold the “Free Shipping” promotion will become void and the shipping charges will be applied retroactively and be deducted from the refund. The regular shipping charges which will be applied are displayed alongside the “Free Shipping” promotion during checkout.
  • If a partial return is made, promotions such as discount coupons, discounted combo discounts, and/or free shipping may become invalid and the discounts will be retroactively removed.
    • Example 1) $100 purchase which used a $10 discount coupon (requiring a $100 minimum order) for a total charge of $90 returns a $30 item. $100 - $30 = $70 making the $10 discount invalid. A $20 refund would be issued ($90-$70=$20).
    • Example 2) $200 purchase which received the promotion “free shipping on orders over $150” returns a $70 item. $200 - $70 = $130 invalidating the free shipping promotion. Our actual cost of shipping will be deducted from the $70 returned item value.
    • Example 3) You purchase a bundle for $190 and decide to return 1 $70 item from the bundle. You will lose the bundle pricing and the remaining 2 items will be charged at their regular retail price of $140.
  • To be eligible for a full product refund the “complete product” must be returned in “good condition” else deductions against the full purchase price will be applied.
    • Only one Cerra Water Filter in an order may be used within the 30 day trial period for a refund. All other filters must be returned unopened and new condition. When more than one filter is used these additional used filters are not refundable.
    • The “complete product” includes all parts and branded packaging including but not limited to cases, instructional manuals etc. This does not include poly bags, cardboard or other packaging material that is only used for protection during shipping and not cosmetic “branded packaging “. If the “complete product” is not returned a 10-20% deduction from the full product price may be applied.
    • Product must be in “good condition” meaning only showing normal/light signs of use which would be expected within 30 days of use. If product shows signs of damaged due to mishandling under customer ownership or damaged incurred during shipping the return due to poor packaging a 10-20% deduction from the full product purchase price may be applied.
  • Refunds can take up to 2 weeks to be processed. To ensure a quick refund please make sure to follow our return procedure and when you ship your return send us the tracking number.


Exchanges, Lost Orders, Replacements & Additional

  • Exchanges: We accept exchanges for any products still in like new condition. Exchanges can be for different sizes, colors or even different products. If you would like to exchange a product please follow the same procedure as returning a product, additional details will be provided after contacting us. Instead of a refund you will receive the exchanged product. As a courtesy we will cover the shipping cost to send out the exchanged product, we provide this courtesy once per order within the USA and Canada.
  • Free Replacements: If you receive a damaged, defective product, or there is another product issue we will replace it completely free of charge if you inform us of your claim and details (by email at within one week of receiving the product.

    We require the following pictures if you receive a damaged product. Once you provide them to us we will ship a replacement to you. If you provide all these images initially in your first email to us it will speed up our ability to send you a replacement or replacement part.

    • Close up picture of the damage
    • Full image of the product showing the damage and retail packaging in one picture
    • Picture of the bar code label on the bottom of the retail box
    • Picture of full shipping label on the box.

    Depending on the product and circumstances we may require the product be returned before being replaced, we will provide a pre-paid shipping label to you in this case.

  • Lost Orders: If your order is lost during shipping within the USA or any of the countries that provide USPS delivery information (listed under International Shipment Information) we will replace it free of charge or give you a refund, your choice. To determine if a shipment is lost we require a USPS to first perform an investigation which will result in USPS either finding your shipment delivering it or determining it is lost. You may be required to verify certain information upon USPS’s request. Upon USPS determining your shipment is lost we will then provide a free replacement or full refund. For International orders you must request your local postal system to also do an investigation to confirm if your package was lost, and provide us with their results.

  • For USA USPS (United States Postal Service) missing or delivery problems you will need to follow the recommended steps on the USPS website as follows:

    Click here for USPS HELP

    • Check the Current Status with your tracking number
    • Complete and submit the Help Request Form first for all issues like your package is missing in local delivery. Your local post office will get this Help Request and assist you with the problem. If the Local Post Office was unable to resolve the problem then you can advise us by email of what the Local Post Office has advised you. With this information we may then need to do the next step of "Submit a Missing Mail Search Request". We will also need a written letter from you saying what the specific problem was and what the circumstances were.
    • If the problem is not resolved directly with the local post office in the previous step then we may need to "Submit a Missing Mail Search Request" on your behalf. We will take your information from step 2 and submit the request. If USPS cannot locate the missing package then they will advise us and we will re-send your order for free.
    • We will also File a Claim with USPS for all insured packages. You will need to provide us all information from step 2 to support the claim.

    For Canada Post missing packages customers will first need to follow the Canada Post help guidelines per the Canada Post website:

    Click here for Canada Post Missing Package HELP

    After you have followed the Canada Post Help Procedures and if Canada Post confirms the package was lost then you will need to forward this information to us by email

  • If you do not first contact us by email to resolve any issues regarding Shipping, Exchanges, Returns, Warranty or Refunds and try to circumvent our policies by raising a dispute through your credit card company, bank, PayPal or other payment provider you immediately revoke your eligibility for a refund, warranty or any other type of coverage and agree to be liable for any and all expenses or legal costs we may incur.
  • If you have any questions or require clarification relating to these policies please email us at



  • A limited 1-year warranty applies to all Cerra Water products. This warrants the products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The one year period is from the date of purchase from an authorized seller. The warranty entitles the purchaser to a free repair or replacement of the product at IIT’s discretion. Shipping costs for the warranty are only covered within the USA and Canada, the purchaser will cover the shipping costs to any other locations under this warranty (shipping costs are covered to freight forwarders such as within the USA). We will require you send a picture/video to verify any warranty issue.
  • Cerra Filters come with a 2 month effectiveness warranty from first use. This effectiveness warranty covers pH and filtering abilities. pH is guaranteed to maintain above 8.5 as measured by our Cerra Water pH Test Reagent. Filtering capabilities are guaranteed by water flowing through at a reasonable rate.
  • The Cerra Filter 2 month effectiveness warranty does not provide coverage in certain situations which include but are not limited to: pH is measured using a third party pH tester; The Cerra Filter is in the activation process, the first 2 weeks after first use; Non potable water (water which would not meet basic safety regulations such as well water or lake water), hot water, or any other liquids are put through the Cerra Filter. The filter activation procedures are not followed; Personal preference of water taste.