Love this Cerra Water Pitcher!

Love this Cerra Water Pitcher! It's an invested up front for sure. However, I am saving so much money while helping the environment by no longer having to purchase bottled water, load it into my car then into my home. I fill it up the pitcher each night. It tastes sweet, even better than the Evamor bottled water that I've been purchasing for years. I LOVE WATER! I tested the PH to compare and it is right on where is should be. I compared the PH of the Cerra Pitcher with the Evamore bottled water along with my refrigerator dispensed water which is also filtered. I was very surprised to see the PH of the dispensed water from my fridge to be very close to the PH of the Cerra Pitcher and Evamore bottle water. I use the water from my fridge filtered dispenser to fill the Cerra Pitcher. Highly recommend the Cerra Pitcher. Great Investment!!! SE

Testimonial By: Sharon E.