Deep vein thrombosis is a condition whereby a blood clot forms in one of the legs or hips. It can be located in the foot, lower or upper leg or the hip. A blood clot can become imbedded close to where it forms, causing swelling and pain near the site of the clot. Warmth can be felt over the area of the clot that appears warmer than the surrounding tissue.
Dangerous situations occur when a thrombosis breaks away from the formation site and starts travelling. Most deep vein thromboses that travel, end up in the lungs where they can cause severe difficulty in breathing and in very serious cases, they can even cause death.
The tendency of the blood to form clots usually ends up as a result of an accumulation of too many metabolic acids forming in the body tissues. Over time the blood becomes too thick because of chronic low level dehydration. The red blood cells become sticky and clump together in various formations, one of which is rouleaux, where the cells form stacks like rolls of coins.
To help get the body terrain back into balance and to get the blood back into a healthy state, it is necessary to alkalize the body in an efficient and easy way. The blood will maintain its pH of 7.365 at all costs, pulling buffering minerals into itself from the bones, organs and teeth. The intrinsic nature of this buffering activity is that over time, the bones  and teeth become damaged, thin and brittle to the point where they can break. This is the birthplace of osteopenia and osteoporosis. When the organs are depleted of minerals, all kinds of chronic diseases begin, like diabetes.
Since statistics in the US show that approximately 2 million people every year develop deep vein thrombosis and at least 650,000 die from it, it is a condition that can be prevented quite easily by alkalizing the body. The fastest and easiest way to prevent the third most common cause of death in the US is with alkaline ionized water.
Water is so intrinsic to life that our bodies should be at least 70 percent water. Most people by the time they are 70, only have 50 percent water. Studies show that at least 70 percent of people are dehydrated enough to affect their health is some way.  It is so important to drink water – not coffee, tea, soda or fruit juice, just plain water.
Alkaline, ionized water is the same water our ancestors drank from mountain streams, rivers and waterfalls. There are only a few place left on earth where there is this type of water that is clean enough to drink. The people that drink this type of water in the wild are very long lived. They are strong and healthy way beyond people in North American cities. This is because their body terrains are more neutral to slightly alkaline. They don’t get heart disease or blood clots either.
Today, the modern way to get  Cerra alkaline, anti-oxidant  water pitcher.  The water is filtered, de-chlorinated, mineralized, alkalized, ionized, and micro-clustered by  the specialized cartridge so that water’s most important life-enhancing qualities are accented. This is almost identical to the water from Lourdes, France, where people experience changes in their health by drinking the water there.
You don’t have to buy an air ticket to France. You can have this water right from your kitchen. By drinking Cerra alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized water regularly throughout the day, you increase your blood volume, reduce the stickiness and improve your overall body terrain. If you fly, it is equally important to add something like alkaline, ionized water to your new healthier lifestyle. Bottoms up! The drinks are on the house!

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