When people get to be a “certain” age, they tend to slow down, and in most cases they feel like they need to. Now, some people are picking up speed, just when you’d think they should be doing the opposite. What’s their secret?

Take J.L., who wouldn’t even get out of bed to go to the bathroom because of severe depression. Now, he’s out of bed and back to work. His partner can’t believe the difference in him.

And S.B., who has so much body and joint pain, it was difficult to get around. Now she’s out walking the dogs and is able to bowl again. Her team is so glad to have her back and she’s bowling better than ever.

Then there’s R.S. who had stomach pains so severe that he had to sleep sitting up at night. He couldn’t eat certain foods or he would pay dearly for it by having gastric reflux for hours. Medication didn’t seem to work for him. Now he is sleeping flat for the first time in five years. He can eat more foods than he has been able to eat in a long time.

Others have come to the clinic with various diagnoses- migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, ADD, ADHD, back pain, irregularity, diabetes, chronic infections, heart problems and the list goes on. Many of them now feel better than they have in a long time.

What’s happened to these people?

A big part of their renewed vigor and health has been brought about by making one small change in their life. This single change offers 21 revitalizing secrets, all to benefit your health, appearance and longevity.
Yes, this absolutely natural discovery helps you feel and look younger. But it is packed with other benefits that help you…
Maintain healthy cholesterol without dieting and pills…
Ease stiffness and promote flexibility in your knees, hips, shoulders, back and your other joints and muscles…
Make your immune system stronger and make you feel better…
Eliminate toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from your body…
Support digestive health and reduce recurring constipation…
Enjoy smoother, younger looking skin and thicker more lustrous hair…
Enjoy stronger nails and reduce the recurrence of foot fungus…

Plus, you’ll maintain healthy blood pressure levels, a sharp mind, unlimited energy, a strong heart, controlled weight and other wonderful benefits.

Skeptical? That’s OK! I Was Too!

But then, I read the highlights of lots of scientific studies and reports behind this breakthrough…reviewed findings from Medical Doctors and other medical professionals and most importantly, I saw first-hand, the life changing results of my clients, my family and myself. I knew then that I had found something big!

The real surprise, though is that this remarkable substance is not a vitamin, mineral, herb or special formula. It is something far better. The fact is, it’s alkaline, ionized water. Now this is not just any ordinary water, although our ancestors used to drink it all the time. They would go down to the river or the creek with their buckets and carry this very healthy, alive water back to the cabin or the house. It was alkaline, ionized and oxygenated. Now science has created cerra-ceramics that  transforms  regular tap water into  healthy water that is   rich in oxygen, negative ions and minerals at your fingertips.
Look at the 21 revitalizing qualities of this water, restoring and maintaining vibrant health for you and your family.

Revitalizing Secret #1

Imagine returning your body to its natural pH which is slightly alkaline, quite effortlessly, too.
Did you know that 98 percent of the population is chronically dehydrated and has a condition in their bodies called acidosis. The acidosis comes from food and beverage choices, lifestyle, stress levels and the type and amount of water you drink. If you were to switch to an 80 percent green vegetable alkaline diet with a 20 percent “other things” diet, it would take you months of disciplined eating to get your body into a consistently alkaline state. It is so much easier to drink alkaline, ionized water and make gradual changes to your diet to start to see shifts in your body pH within a week or so. That’s impressive.

Revitalizing Secret #2

How about hydrating every cell of your body and getting rid of years of chronic dehydration.
In the statement above we talked about how a huge amount of the population is chronically dehydrated. Most people don’t drink enough water. Lots of people drink other things like coffee, soft drinks and bottled beverages. Some beverages like coffee are diuretics to the body. Bottled beverages, including water are mildly to very acidic. The body cannot absorb and efficiently utilize beverages that are diuretic or acidic. It just contributes more to an acidic body condition which is contributing to our sick and overweight population. Recent scientific research is showing that the endemic rise in unhealthy people in recent years is directly related to eating an acid-forming diet and drinking acidic beverages. The rise in sugar intake and stressful lifestyles, in addition to poor diet choices, is contributing to diabetes, heart disease and cancers in alarming proportions. And, all those people are dehydrated.
By drinking Cerra alkaline, ionized water, you are diluting and excreting that acidic water in your body, hydrating your cells, so that the natural pump in and out of the cells, eliminates toxins and metabolic acids so they don’t build up. By drinking half your body weight in ounces, of alkaline, ionized water, you are constantly flushing out all the harmful substances that cause diabetes, heart disease and cancer in the first place. Over time, all those symptoms start to disappear.

Because the Cerra Pitchers breaks the water down into small clusters, alkaline, ionized water is six times more hydrating, so the cells can absorb more and expel more. In other words the cell pump starts to work efficiently.
You feel more energized because you aren’t dragging all those toxins and metabolic by-products around any more. Wouldn’t you love to have more energy?

Revitalizing Secret #3

Gently get rid of the acidic body state that makes you tired all the time and maybe even sick.

When you are tired all the time, it is like everything is stagnant. Life is not fun when you are constantly tired. This isn’t a very pleasant analogy, but you body becomes like a swamp. The water is barely moving and everything is brown and rotting. There is no way to get the swamp moving unless you unplug the drainways and flush more water through the system.

Your body is no different. By drinking  Cerra alkaline, ionized water and lots of it, you begin to notice that you have more energy. Even those achey-ouchie things are starting to go away. Disease cannot exist in an alkaline body. It won’t happen. So, if you alkalize your body, guess what will happen to all those things you go to the doctor about?

Revitalizing Secret #4

Say good bye to bloating, tiredness and digestive and bowel concerns

If you have constipation you are dehydrated. If you have stomach pain or gastric reflux you could be dehydrated. Bloating and gas is often dehydration. Your body requires two quarts of water to properly digest your food. Your pancreas excretes those two quarts as gastric juice, so your food can be properly processed. Too little water causes distress which makes you uncomfortable. Dr. Batmanghelidj, in his book, Your Body’s Many Cries For Water, talks about how when he was imprisoned, all he had was water to treat other inmates. The water alone, cured many ailments that the inmates had. When he was released from prison, he treated thousands of people with water.

By drinking Cerra alkaline, ionized water, and lots of it, you are helping your digestion and elimination immensely. Don’t get plugged up…hydrate before each meal and between each meal!

Revitalizing Secret #5

Beat the blood pressure blues and feel like a new person

High blood pressure is actually an adaptive process that the body uses during times of severe body water deficiency. Good health depends on the balance of water around the outside of the cells of the body with the water inside the cells of the body. This is achieved by regular, adequate intake of water, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (not French fries)and believe it or not salt. I’m not talking about that white stuff that is iodized. It is highly concentrated sodium chloride which is actually toxic to the body. The salt, I’m talking about is unrefined sea salt that has all of the trace minerals in it.

When water is not freely available to flow into the cells, the salt is drawn out of the exterior water and it is pumped into the cells forcibly. This process is seen in people who have puffy feet and eyes. Their edema is because there is not enough available water to keep everything balanced and flowing. The body then draws water from other parts of the body and stores it as emergency water.

When the water shortage in the body becomes critical, it takes more and more energy and pressure to force what water there is into the cells. When the pumping pressure becomes strong enough, it can be measured as hypertension.

By supplying the body with alkaline, ionized water and mineralized salt in the right proportions, the pumping pressure needed to get water into the cells, reduces and the blood pressure begins to normalize. There’s a good reason to drink your water!

Revitalizing Secret #6

Show off your natural beauty with your glowing skin and lustrous hair. Your manicurist will even want to know your secret.
To support the natural functions of the skin and to protect it against irritation and bacterial invasion, it is important to protect the skin’s acid mantle. By using mildly acidic products on the skin, you are keeping the skin to top condition. Ideally anything you use on your skin will tighten and firm the skin and produce antibacterial qualities. By drinking alkaline, ionized water to hydrate the cells and rinsing your skin with mildly acidic water (pH 4.5-5.0) you are creating the best environment for your hair, skin and nails to be as healthy as possible over the long term.

The intact acid mantle helps your skin remain blemish free. The natural acidity helps protect your skin from wind, sun and pollution damage. It also helps neutralize bacteria and irritating substances. The loss of the skin’s acid mantle is one of the side effects of washing the skin with soaps or detergents of moderate or high alkalinity. The high pH damages the acid mantle and makes the skin more prone to infection, irritation and dehydration. It even takes a very healthy skin up to two hours to recover from the effects of a typical daily shower.

There are two components of the skin that require a lot of water to maintain in a healthy condition – elastin and collagen. When the skin loses its firmness and becomes less elastic, it becomes drier. The elastin and collagen begin to dry out. The underlying fatty tissue begins to shrink and the skin begins to sag. As more water is lost, the skin becomes less supple and wrinkles begin to form. As the skin wrinkles, it dries out even more. By the age of 40, it takes the skin up to 8 hours to recover from chemical onslaught and irritation. It may never recover from dehydration if the water loss goes too far.

By drinking Cerra  alkaline, ionized water in adequate amounts, you support the hydration of the elastin and collagen in the skin layers, plumping the cells. Your skin will change, your hair and nails will change and you will glow.

Revitalizing Secret #7

This is a special one for the ladies. Sail smoothly and safely through all hormonal phases of your life.
Chronic dehydration does crazy things to the body. Water is involved in every bodily activity and every chemical process. If there is not enough water to support enzymatic and hormonal activity, a whole cascade of things begin to happen. Dehydration also brings with it an acidic condition around the cells which during certain times during a woman’s cycle brings pain, cramping, depression, mood disorders and a whole host of problems.

As women get older, their dehydration becomes more severe and various symptoms become prevalent before, during and after menopause. Vasopressin is the master water regulator in the body. When there is not enough water in the body, vasopressin acts as the monitor to see which cells get more water. Some cells have more receptors than others obviously determined by which cells are more vital to survival. After childbearing years are over, certain functions in women are no longer vital to her survival, so in North American culture, women seem to go through more symptomatic women’s issues than in other countries. Our levels of dehydration and acidosis lend themselves to these symptoms. By applying proper hydration and alkalizing the body, hormones, endorphins, and neurotransmitters tend to take care of the cells health and symptoms tend to lessen or disappear. By drinking enough alkaline, ionized water, you will experience less and less symptoms.

Revitalizing Secret #8

It’s a relief to know that there is something that is safe and effective in eliminating dangerous toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from your body.
What could be simpler than Cerra alkaline, ionized water to rid the body of toxins, poisons and pollutants. The average woman takes in approximately 5 pounds of toxic chemicals into her body every year. That includes what she puts on her skin, her hair, what she eats, her makeup and what she cleans her house with. That’s a lot of guck. Men aren’t far behind as more men are going to spas and using more skin and hair care products at home, in addition to helping with the housework. Some professions have high risks for toxin poisoning.
Since the body is close to neutral in its interior design, it is imperative for health, a sense of youthfulness and vigor, to keep it as close to its natural state as possible. These toxins acidify the body to such a degree that they are a real danger to health as they accumulate.
By drinking alkaline, ionized water, diligently and often, the small clusters of water, float the toxins out of and away from the cells, carrying them through the blood and lymph systems to the kidneys and large intestine for elimination. The alkaline water hitting the acidic waste, neutralizes it bringing the body to its more neutral state. And for some people, it beats eating their spinach.

Revitalizing Secret #9

Sleep as peacefully and soundly as a baby every night.
With the twins, Acidosis and Dehydration, there is quite a disruption in the biochemistry of the body. One of the things that can happen is that when the body is acidic and dehydrated, there is an interruption in the tryptophan amino acid function. The brain uses tryptophan to make serotonin, melatonin, tryptamine and indoleamine. Seratonin and melatonin have antidepressant qualities and aid in restful sleep. By hydrating with alkaline, ionized water during and day and before bed, you will sleep more soundly and feel more rested in the morning.
Salt is also vital for sleep regulation. It is a natural hypnotic. If you put a few grains of unrefined sea salt on your tongue and drink a glass of alkaline, ionized water before bed, you should fall into a deep, natural and restful sleep. Hydration is one of the keys, unrefined sea salt is the other.

Revitalizing Secret #10

Feel fabulous, outdoing and outlasting people 20 years younger than you.
Adequate body water is essential to vibrant health. It is the highway to vitality and boundless energy. The energy pathways called meridians that run through the body are also dependent on water to work efficiently. When your body is adequately hydrated, it is like a well maintained engine, humming along, seemingly effortlessly. Adequate hydration and that feeling of flowing effortlessly from one task to another and from one project to another has nothing to do with how old you are. It’s all about how old you feel.
After you consciously start to drink more alkaline, ionized water and keep drinking more water for about a month, invite someone younger than you to go for a walk and see who has to keep up with whom. You’ll probably find that you walk the pants off the younger person. You may even have to stop and wait for them to catch up. Now, that’s the beginning of vibrant health, and believe me, it’s just the beginning.

Revitalizing Secret #11

Be comforted knowing you’re doing everything you can to protect your bone health.
Remember, we talked about dehydration and acidosis? They are the real culprits to bone loss. It’s not just food that makes your body acid or dehydrated. It’s what you drink, the medications you take, the polluted air you breathe, the hot tub and swimming pool you swim in, even the fumes given off by new paint, carpets and drapes. Some fabrics in the clothing you wear give of chemical residues that you breathe and absorb through your skin.
Alkaline, ionized water is perfect for alkalizing your body to stop the draw on your bone minerals as well as detoxing all those pounds of chemicals you’ve taken into your body. The added minerals in the water begin to rebuild your mineral stores in your bones, organs and teeth.
Cerra alkaline, ionized water is also one of the most efficient way to hydrate your body. When everything is filled with water, it works efficiently. The components in your body that produce energy are restored to peak efficiency so you can run around all day and not be exhausted or fatigued.

Revitalizing Secret #12

Enjoy peace of mind with a healthy heart and cardiovascular system
When your ticker doesn’t work properly, it can be quite alarming. But nothing is written in stone. If you do have heart problems, there are some things you can do to help reverse the damage. If you don’t seem to have heart problems now, you can do some very simple things to keep your heart and blood vessels healthy and strong.

Cerra alkaline, ionized water helps with the chemical firing of your internal electrical system. Clients in the clinic who have things like atrial fibrillation find the symptoms disappear if they drink enough Cerra alkaline, ionized water.
Chlorine in tap water leaves a thick, sticky, gunk in your blood vessels that clogs your system and is dangerous to your heart health. Chlorinated tap water is usually quite acid and as a result all the systems in your body must struggle to keep everything going. They have to work extra hard and over time, the heart gets tired and worn out. That is why alkaline hydration is key to a healthy heart, cardiovascular system and body.

Revitalizing Secret #13

Watch your body weight normalize to its natural state without dieting.
Metabolic and other acids are dangerous to the health of your organs. They can overwhelm your system and cause gradual decline in your ability to function. If the rush of acids into your system is severe, you can be in serious trouble with your health. That is why the body has devised a safeguard system to contain the acidic metabolic by-products and of course the acidic food products that you consume. It’s called fat.
Fat cells are produced by the body to store these acids away from your organs and your brain. Fat cells in the belly are particularly toxic and the fat in those cells will be dark brown or black.

By drinking alkaline, ionized water, toxins are sucked by osmotic pressure from the cells and shunted to the kidneys and bowels for release. When the toxic level in the cell drops below the level that danger is perceived, the body collapses the fat cell and it is consumed by the body’s scavenger cells. There is now less fat so that where your sand has sunk in that hour-glass figure of yours, you begin to see a waistline again and your weight begins to drop. So, to get the skinny on fat loss, drink your alkaline, ionized water.

Revitalizing Secret #14

This natural breakthrough disarms free radicals before they do their damage and reverses the damage that has already happened.

Revitalizing Secret #15

Return your cholesterol levels to normal ranges without medications and extreme dieting.
Cholesterol production in the cell membrane is a part of the cell survival system. It is the natural ‘clay’ that seals up holes in the cell membrane to preserve what water it has. It is one of the essential, necessary processes to protect cell health. When cholesterol is high, it denotes dehydration. According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, in living cells that have a nucleus, it is the cholesterol that regulates the water in and around the cell membrane. In cells without a nucleus, it is the essential fats that do the regulation.
There is a long list of chemical processes that result from dehydration, before cholesterol is formed. Suffice to say that if sufficient alkaline, ionized water is consumed half hour before a meal, not during or after, there is a greater chance that the dehydration signals will weaken and cholesterol production with drop.

Since water is vital to all cells processes, it is so important to drink enough water and keep your system from becoming acidic. Alkalline, ionized water does it all so easily. All you have to do is drink it.

Revitalizing Secret #16

You may never again forget names and faces or where you left your glasses so you could find your car keys.

Studies have shown that it is the build-up of metabolic acids in the brain that cause cognitive disfunction and over time cause Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Cognitive dysfunction starts with a lot of people around middle age. Sometimes it can be accompanied by other things like depression. It is hard to function when your brain cannot process information or even remember. Your brain normally shrinks with age, when you are chronically dehydrated, or you eat too much sugar or refined foods. The shrinkage is doubled in people showing signs of Dementia or Alzheimers’s Disease.

By drinking enough alkaline, ionized water, you supply the electrical pathways with the conducting material to function optimally. You also hydrate the cells enough so that metabolic acids and by-products can be carried to the kidneys and bowels to be eliminated. Without the toxic build-up and the higher water levels, the brain becomes sharp and clear. There is no more fuzzy thinking or times spent wandering around the house looking for your glasses.

Revitalizing Secret #17

Put the “wow” back into your love life, safely and naturally. Feel frisky again.

You’ll be pleased to know that sex can be a huge stress buster. It also helps to eliminate dietary and metabolic acids from your body through perspiration and heavy breathing. But what happens if the desire is gone? Then you know that your body is really acidic. There is no reason why you can’t have sex well into your senior years. Get rid of the metabolic and dietary acids, then you can frolic in the bedroom all you like. Chronic dehydration shrivels more than just your cells. It kills your desire. You’ll find that one or both of you have enough metabolic acids and dehydration to nix any bedroom activity. When one partner loses interest, it won’t be long before the other partner becomes dissatisfied.

If both of you start drinking alkaline, ionized water, it begins to balance a lot of things like hormones. Mucous membranes start to work again. Muscle tone returns and a little spark goes off. More alkaline, ionized water fans that spark into a flame until the urge to bounce becomes overwhelming.

Revitalizing Secret #18

That chronic condition that has been kicking you around for years may just melt away over time. Now that would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?
Chronic health problems come from chronic dehydration. It has been proven over and over again by studies and by research by dedicated health professionals like Dr. Batmanghelidj.

All of his books talk about how dehydration is at the root of all disease. Recent scientific studies also show that an acidic body condition is the root of all disease. Look up Dr. Robert O. Young’s work at the library or on my article site. Both of these men have tons of evidence to back up their claims. In my clinic, I have been field testing alkaline, ionized water with my clients. I specialize in serious and chronic illness and I cannot begin to tell you how many clients with seemingly hopeless conditions that have been treated with medications have notice a lessening or a disappearance of symptoms just by hydrating and alkalizing their bodies with the alkaline, ionized water. To my astonishment, there are very few people (and none, in my clinic) that have not reacted positively to the alkaline, ionized water.

Revitalizing Secret #19

Imagine how great you’ll feel with more freedom and flexibility in your muscles and joints without the pain.
It is unfortunate that back pain is one of the plagues of our society. So many people experience pain of some sort in their bodies, most of it back pain and headaches. Water has a hydraulic action in the body, particularly in the spine. It is also a lubricant and a cushion for the weight of the body above it. Any kind of pain seems to be induced by some sort of mechanical problem amplified by lack of water in the body. It is estimated that 75 percent of the weight of the upper body is supported by the water volume in the disc core called the nucleus pulposa in the spine. The remaining 25 percent is supported by the water volume in the outer part of the disc called the nucleus fibrosis. When there is not enough water, things start slipping out of position and start pushing on nerves and surrounding tissue, causing pain.

Movement is the pump that keeps the hydraulics moving. There are specific movements for sciatic pain and neck pain that can alleviate the soreness, usually within half an hour or so. By keeping yourself adequately hydrated, you not only prevent pain to begin with, you can eliminate what pain you do have if the degeneration is not too severe.

Your muscles are vital to your overall health. When you move around a lot and exercise, the muscles store water and create the perfect atmosphere for well-being. Your muscle fibers slide on the water, preventing tearing and injury. The water carries away the lactic acid more efficiently so you don’t get cramping and muscle soreness. When you don’t exercise, muscle tissue starts to break down so important nutrients that are stored in the muscles can be lost, not to mention your muscle volume.

As you can see, water, particularly alkaline, ionized water is vital to your overall health, keeping you pain free, not just in your muscles and joints.

Revitalizing Secret #20

Power up your body’s defense systems so you don’t succumb to challenges and illnesses from your environment.
Your immune system starts in your gut, in that 26 foot tube that starts at your mouth and goes to the other end. In your large intestine is the start of your immunity and your cellular water levels are one of the keys to its efficiency. If you are dehydrated, your food won’t digest or absorb properly. Your elimination of waste products may be sluggish or even intermittent. Your may even develop allergies or asthma and your immune system will be compromised. When you are properly and consistently hydrated, the hormonal signaling in specialized tissue in your large intestine sets up an impregnable defence system in your body. Germs, no matter what they are, are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Disease, bacteria, viruses and other germs cannot exist in an alkaline body. The big “C”, cancer cannot exist their either. Alkalinity provides no ground for these things to grow. By drinking Cerra alkaline, ionized water, you are providing the super-environment for your immune system to kick butt.

By drinking the Cerra  alkaline, ionized water you are protecting yourself from the inside -out.

Revitalizing Secret #21

Bring in the stress-buster team to say good bye to stress and all its stresses.
When the body becomes dehydrated, it creates physiological processes that are the same as when coping with stress. And, when the body is stressed these processes start scarfing up available water, so the body becomes more dehydrated. In the mind of the body, dehydration equals stress and stress equals dehydration.

By supplying the body with extra water, particularly, alkaline, ionized water, stress reduces, dehydration reduces and the body calms. Future stresses do not have the same effect as they used to. Cortisol, which is secreted by the adrenal glands is one of your “fight or flight” hormones and turbo ages the body. During times of stress, it is useful when you have to outrun something or lift something heavy in an emergency but otherwise it is usually chronically cranked out because of our extended periods of stress.
By providing the body with adequate alkaline water, the initial stress caused by the dehydration is removed, so the usual cascade of additional stresses are not activated in the same way. In other words, the cortisol response is diminished, giving you the feeling of greater ease to deal with other stressful situations throughout your day.

So, there you have it! Here are 21 compelling solutions to get your health back on track or keep it there. Statistics show that health challenges start to show up just before or during middle age. Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to have to experience any of it? Safeguard your health. The last thing you want to do is end up in the hospital. It has become a very dangerous place. Even less appealing is the prospect of having to deal with health challenges for years. Do yourself a favor and alkalize and hydrate the easy way with Cerra alkaline, ionized water. Drink half your body weight in ounces. We have the largest library of research and resource material available.

Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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