As early as the turn of the last century, our ancestors got their water from the rivers and streams near where they lived. The water was alkaline from picking up minerals as it bubbled over the rock. It was full of extra oxygen from flowing over the rock and down waterfalls. It was full of negative ions from the sunlight. The water was healthy to drink and they fed it to their animals. Animals in the wild still drink this water as do some of the world’s longest lived races.

Nowadays, we can’t do that. Most urban water is not clean nor is it safe to drink without being treated. The treatment of choice seems to be chlorine and chloramines. When chlorine comes in contact with organic matter in the water, it creates all kinds of harmful byproducts that can cause disease over time. Your body is organic matter and so is your animal’s body. Ask for our research and article library material for further information.

Fortunately, science has come to the rescue. The Cerra -ceramics  produces alkaline, ionized water right from your kitchen tap. It filters out all the harmful stuff, remineralizes the water and  fills it full of  negative ions, all of which the body loves.

In my house, I have cats, dogs and birds. Everything that is alive in my house gets fed this Cerra water…all the people, animals and plants. Everything is thriving. Fur and feathers look better than it ever has. Eyes are clear and everyone is happy and very healthy. And, we’re saving on vet bills.

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