The Body is Dependent on Adequate Water and Ionic Minerals for All Its Functions

“Our bodies consist of about 75% water, in a purely healthy state. In that state our blood is at its optimum pH, the “pump” that pushes nutrients into the cells and the acidic waste out of the cells is working to perfection. Each of your cells is plump with life and vitality. Your whole body is humming along in a flow of energy and efficiency. 

Most of the water inside us is salty. It’s just like the sea. It’s almost like we crawled out of the ocean to live life on land. Depending on our activity level, we can start to dry out at an early age. Science calls it dehydration. With dehydration, our bodies become acid and we start to age. The first visible signs are we get little laugh lines around our eyes, then it’s downhill from there. 

On the inside we may be suffering much more damage. The ionic balance of our body fluids with its minerals and salts is so similar to the ocean that it is remarkable. When it becomes depleted due to our poor food and beverage choices, medical prescriptions, stress, poor digestion, poor assimilation, infections and poor organ function, the body starts to suffer and it hunts within itself to find water and minerals. It will create histamine to manage the available water and set up priorities. It will also pull mineral from our bones, organs and teeth to keep vital functions going. Our bodies just cannot function without the proper mineral electrolytes. In this dehydrated state, it starts to turbo-age. 

To reverse this process or to prevent it from happening in the first place, we need to supply the body with an abundant supply of good quality water in addition to organic, ionic, trace electrolytes and minerals at all times. The body needs this vital trio for its continuous regeneration process. 

Over acidity in the body is due to lack of water and minerals, particularly ionic minerals and without them we wrinkle up like a prune. If we mimic sea salt water, we couldn’t drink it. It is too unpleasant.  The easiest way to do  this is to drink Cerra Water- fresh alkaline, anti-0xidant micro-clustered  water  with all its essential ionic minerals .  With Cerra Water our liver stays clean, the digestive system clears and we look and feel vitally healthy.

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