It’s ironic that most people don’t associate any kind of religion or spirituality with the effects they both have on their health. Even fewer people seem to know anything about alkaline food and alkaline diet and even less about alkaline, ionized water, especially how they affect their health. One of the most profound effects on health comes from your thoughts. Your state of mind has a tremendous influence on your personal health and vitality. How good you feel depend a great deal on what you are thinking. What you thought about yesterday is manifesting today.

Looking at the beautiful photographs of the water crystals of Dr. Masura Emoto one can see how water can store thoughts and thought energy. If that is indeed possible as Dr.… Read the rest

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Water is unmistakably required for life. Eastern medical practice is based on the understanding that Chi is just as essential to life as water. Essentially water and Chi are both “fluids of life”, one visible and the other invisible. To mimic nature and our understanding of what we see as visible, the water, has a direct correlation to the invisible, the Chi.

Chi has both energy and information like properties. A holographic theory of imprinting water by Dr. Emoto also shows that water unifies with thought and intention. It is entirely possible that water might include Chi, because both can be used as the carrier for imprinting information. Because they both are so interconnected and similar, they both need to be flowing and “alive”.… Read the rest

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