According to sports nutrition researchers, muscles are designed to work well only in a narrow range of almost zero acidity. Arterial blood works best with no acid at all. So the pH of an animals (especially a race horse) blood is critical! The body has a secret balance that is not only designed to keep your horse healthy, but to make movement more comfortable and efficient. That balance is the acid/alkaline balance. Acidity and alkalinity is measured by a unit called pH.

The most important factor, other than injury that causes a horse to “train off” faster than anything else is a drop in its blood pH. In the early stages of pH disturbance, it can be hard to detect why a horse would start to lag.… Read the rest

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There is increasingly greater scientific evidence that body pH and free radical capacity is one of the greatest indicators of health ever known. It all started in 1935 when Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the lack of oxygen as the cause of most diseases, particularly cancer.
Since then oxygen capacity and its related issues have been at the forefront of some of the most brilliant research to date. One of the major components of the health equation is pH. When diet, lifestyle and drinking habits combine into a net acidic gain, the pH of the tissues and the surrounding fluids will drop, along with the capacity to carry oxygen. Because the blood feeds the tissues and removes the waste and toxins, it tries to remove some of the metabolic acids from the body fluids and tissues.… Read the rest

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Deep vein thrombosis is a condition whereby a blood clot forms in one of the legs or hips. It can be located in the foot, lower or upper leg or the hip. A blood clot can become imbedded close to where it forms, causing swelling and pain near the site of the clot. Warmth can be felt over the area of the clot that appears warmer than the surrounding tissue.
Dangerous situations occur when a thrombosis breaks away from the formation site and starts travelling. Most deep vein thromboses that travel, end up in the lungs where they can cause severe difficulty in breathing and in very serious cases, they can even cause death.
The tendency of the blood to form clots usually ends up as a result of an accumulation of too many metabolic acids forming in the body tissues.… Read the rest

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It is estimated that one third of all North Americans are overweight…that’s millions of people. Some of them are children, which statistically shows that they will probably grow up to be overweight adults. A lot of overweight adults have high blood pressure.

If the body pH of these overweight people was tested, it would be found to be acidic. They would also be found to be dehydrated. Many health complications can result from being overly acidic and/or dehydrated. This common combination can cause high blood pressure.

A recent study reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine 2001;134:1-11, 72-74, was conducted with 1200 overweight men and women aged 30 to 54. Researchers wanted to see what correlation there was between blood pressure and body weight.… Read the rest

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