Every day, hundreds of people have a bone density test and find out that they have thinning bones and are at risk of bone fractures. The early stage of bone loss is called osteopoenia. The more advanced stage is called osteoporosis.

When your body is acidic there are certain dynamics that happen and certain parts of the body that must be protected and kept within a certain range of pH, particularly the blood. When the blood comes dangerously close to the lower or acidic edge of its range of tolerance, a signal is given to the bones to release mineral to help the blood become more alkaline. With chronic acidity in the body, over time the bones release more and more mineral to keep the blood alive.

When the bones become brittle and thin because of mineral loss, the ability to keep mobile lessens. The joints become stiff and the posture becomes more stooped.
Dr. Susan Brown, and the Osteoporosis Education Project, considers the link between bone and systemic acid/base balance to be of critical importance. Diet management and lowering the acidity in the body become paramount. As people become older, their digestion becomes more difficult because of chronic dehydration. They tend to eat more things like tea and toast, eat out, eat frozen convenience foods or eat what they like because they don’t have the energy to cook, which further dehydrates and acidifies the body. As the nutritional crisis deepens more and more mineral is leached from the bone. It is estimated that by the age of 60, more and more people permanently lose at least 10 percent of the body’s water content to chronic dehydration. The acidic condition further concentrates in the body.

By making one simple change at first, overall health can be improved and the reversal of bone loss can begin. By drinking Cerra alkaline ionized water with the added minerals, the alkaline condition of the body can be restored. As the alkalinity is restored, the person has more energy, the 10 percent water loss is improved and the person is now motivated to eat better. As the body is more alkaline, the mineral in the water begins to move back into the bones and they become stronger. Imagine that…all from drinking the Cerra  water.

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