Notice the blood cells in the picture. An expert in live blood microscopy would tell you that some of the platelets are sticky and sticking together. This is usually a result of undigested protein in the blood from poor digestion. This makes the blood acidic. Also notice that the blood cells have indents in the middle which is usually a result of nutritional deficiency, particularly Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid. An expert could probably tell you other things about this picture as well, especially about how the blood pH is very sensitive and must be maintained within very narrow ranges.

The condition where the body becomes overly acid is called acidosis and it can affect our health in very profound ways. When our body pH drops it usually starts with diet which makes our bodies more sensitive to stress.

Both acidity and stress makes us fat. Our bodies create fat cells to protect us by storing fat away from vital organs to protect them from the acidic irritation. But what has this got to do with our blood. The blood and lymph are our transport systems that carry nutrients and wastes from one place to another inside the body. It also carries acidic toxins to the fat cells for storage.

If the blood has to carry acidic waste out of harm’s way, it can affect the bloods ability to flow smoothly, causing it to clump together or stack like you see in the picture. You can see some of the blood cells are stacked like a roll of coins while others just seem to be sticking together. Excess, long term clumping can cause blood clots to form which can be very dangerous.

Excess acidity in the blood also affects the blood’s ability to carry oxygen and rid itself of carbon dioxide. Your body cannot get enough oxygen to burn with fuel in the cells so you become fatigued and exhausted. It becomes hard to function and you become winded more easily.

An acidic body terrain provides an ideal environment for yeasts and fungus to grow, which can infect the blood stream and make you feel unwell. Sugars and refined carbohydrates are the prime culprits for yeast and fungus overgrowth.

Since your blood stream is the main pipeline in the body, it is important to take very good care of it. Excess acids can scar and irritate the insides of the blood vessels making them sore and inflamed. This is the main cause of phlebitis and contributes to varicose veins.

By making modifications to your diet and getting plenty of   Cerra water, you have the best chance to have healthy blood. As we get older, our digestive enzymes can become less evident which can cause leaky gut syndrome or dysbiosis, as it is called. Adding a good quality digestive enzyme supplement to your regimen you can eliminate the clumping of the blood, making it’s deliveries much more efficient.

Lots of vegetables grown above ground, especially green leafy ones help keep the body and the blood healthy and vibrant. Fresh fruit, particularly the dark purple varieties are full of anthocyanins, the most powerful antioxidants known that help eliminate free radicals in the blood and body. Good, clean water, particular Cerra alkaline, anti-oxidant micro-clustered  water helps to keep the blood from being overly sticky and allows it to flow better. Evaluate what you are eating and drinking so you can keep your pipelines clear and flowing smoothly. After all, if your blood vessels get plugged, you can be in serious trouble. Prevention is your best medicine.

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