If your living space was build before 1989 in Canada, you probably have lead solder in your pipes. I remember when I was in        school and the boys thought it was great fun to have pencil fights and poke each other with pencils. The teacher told them not to do it  because it could cause lead poisoning. Our pencils in those days had lead in them. We didn’t seem to be as environmentally conscious in those days.

You can get lead poisoning from water, too and it is no joke. Lead poisoning can cause many types of disorders, including sleeping difficulties. In the US the statistics are alarming. Approximately 30 percent of Americans are drinking water that contains lead. It leaches out of the pipes into the water. The most disturbing fact is that the lead levels are above what the EPA has designated as maximum contaminant levels. Lead in higher levels of contamination is considered a metabolic poison that causes damage to kidneys, liver, nervous system, reproductive organs, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and immune system.

In addition, lead consumption in childhood can lead to a lower IQ and impairment in reading, writing, math, visual and motor skills, language, abstract thinking and concentration. Lead contamination can also lead to violence, crime and anti-social behavior in children.

Cerra Alkaline water  not only helps to  remove heavy metals from  your tap  water but also supports  your body to detoxify to get rid  of accumulated heavy metals.

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