Allergies plague thousands of people every year. Some people experience wheezing as part of their allergic response but they don’t have a diagnosis of asthma. The weepy eyes, runny nose, pounding headache and cough are characteristic signs of an allergic response. The root causes may shock you.
Allergies are caused by a histamine reaction in the body. Histamine is one of the body’s main neurotransmitters. It has two functions in the body. It has a major role in the immune system and it regulates available water in the body.

People think of histamine as the cause of allergies so that is why people take anti-histamines to relieve the symptoms of an allergic response. What most people don’t know is that histamine is in charge of water regulation in the body. It is less active when the body is fully hydrated and it becomes increasingly active when the body becomes dehydrated. It is also triggered when the body is acidic in combination with being dehydrated.

According to recent research, allergies are a sign of dehydration that are triggered when the body starts conserving its water resources. When dehydration occurs histamine is produced to begin the process of water regulation. It will prioritize where the limited available water will be used. Histamine is the good guy, delegating where the available water is to be used.

Studies have shown that an estimated 75 percent of the population has some degree of dehydration, significant enough to affect their health. Along with dehydration, the majority of people’s body state is acidic due to our typical North American diet. The acidity in our bodies causes irritation and inflammation which triggers histamine production. This actually creates a cycle where one keeps triggering the other. The acidic body and the reduced water intake keep the body in an irritated state where histamine is working hard to manage.

Silent inflammation is caused by histamine. That is where there is chronic inflammation and irritation that shows no strong symptoms until enough of it develops to push the symptoms into our awareness. The key is to reduce the inflammation and irritation in the body.

Water is a wonderful buffer. It is also the super highway that transports everything throughout the body. By drinking enough water, you are downgrading histamine production in addition to providing efficient nutrient delivery. Now, if you can alkalize your body more by altering your diet or drinking alkaline, ionized water, you will be on your way to being histamine free and allergy free. You will literally be turning off the allergic reaction.

Histamine’s other role in the body is that of immune system management. When dehydration is present, histamine suppresses its own activity on the immune system, otherwise dehydration would constantly flare up the immune system. This is because the majority of the population is chronically dehydrated. They mistakenly think that any liquid is OK to hydrate the body.

Because allergies are pronounced when the body is short of water and the histamine is acting as a drought manager, the immune system is shut down and antibodies are not produced. Antibodies are the army defending home territory from invaders. Lung tissue is a frontier with an external territory – the nose and eyes. If offending pollen, which is a protein, hits these tissues, it should be attacked by the immune system. It could cause damage. Normally, the antibody soldiers would be there to snuff out the invaders, the offending pollens, but in dehydration the soldier antibodies are sleeping. The only alternative for the body is to wash away the offending pollens. That’s why your eyes begin to water and your nose begins to run, because the body cannot allow the invaders to get as far as your lungs. It tries to wash them away.

The importance of proper hydration cannot be overemphasized. If you are properly hydrated and your body is less acidic, the antibody soldiers will be produced in the millions and trillions. With histamine doing its job, you will not be allergic or your symptoms will be less. The easiest  way to hydrate is to drink Cerra water which due to his smaller  water clusters  is up to 3 times more hydrating than other water.

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