Yes, water in containers is now more expensive than gasoline. Every bottle of water will soon be worth more than gold. What is it about bottled water other than convenience that makes it so expensive? It has no fabulous taste, It doesn’t have protein or carbs. Some of the waters are vitamin-enhanced but they don’t have essential fats or other health promoting supplements. The truth is, it is the labor and transportation to get the water to market that is the most expensive.

Water, pure, clean water is more important to your body than you realize. It is interesting to note that up to 90 percent of the population is dehydrated. A lot of people drink no water at all. They prefer drinks that taste good and that they like. It’s no wonder that people of a younger and younger age are experiencing slowed metabolism, fatigue, short-term memory loss and increasing health challenges. Even kids are experiencing obesity and type II Diabetes. Both of those conditions are a result of too little water and an acid body state.

Even people who drink lots of water are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above. What is wrong? Drinking the right water is more important that drinking more. Let’s look at what the right water is.
If you were to go high up in the mountains and find a stream that bubbles down the rocks, is exposed to sunlight and is free of pollutants, you would have the right water. If you were to take a jar of that water home and have it tested, you would find that it is alkaline as it picked up minerals from the rocks. You would also find that it is full of dissolved oxygen from bubbling down the hill. The surface tension would change and the particle size of the bunches of molecules would be smaller as it banged against the sides of the stream and the rocks midstream. This would make it more readily absorbed. It would also be full of negative ions from the sunlight, which the body thrives on.

I know you don’t have the time or the energy to go mountain climbing so how about if we teleport that pristine mountain stream into your kitchen? No, no, you can’t drink the tap water the way it is. Over time it could make you chronically ill. Science has developed a  technology that mimics Mother Nature.   The Cerra Water pitcher  has a special cartridge  that when water runs thru it,  the Cerra -ceramics transform the water into alkaline, anti-oxidant, hexagonal water. Just the way nature intended.   No sweat, no mountain climbing, just pure, healthy water that just might give you back the life you deserve and it won’t cost you more than gasoline, or gold.

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