Dr. Ben Johnson has the unique qualification of three degrees, all related to health. He is a down-to- earth, low key guy living near Atlanta Georgia. see http://www.thehealingcodes.com/thoughts.htm

Here are some of his key points to maintaining breast health, keeping both breasts free from cancer.

In western countries “Breast cancer” is becoming increasingly rampant with devastating consequences for the ladies in our life. Dr. Ben Johnson (a qualified Medical Doctor, Osteopath and Naturopath) has been studying what may be the possible causes for this massive increase over the past 30 years. In adding to his experience, he has travelled widely on every continent, trying to establish why some women living on the continents of Africa, the Indian sub continent and in S. American countries (like Ecuador) remain breast cancer free, or have an extremely low incidence of this major health problem.

Here some of his basic tenants, simple way s to reduce the possible incidence of this debilitating disease. 1) The Bra ; should be made from a light cotton fabric and not fit too tightly.

Western culture demands that a woman’s breasts are not overly exposed in public. Western fashion dictates breasts are contained within a bra (the brassiere should conceal the nipples). On other continents, a woman’s breast are not seen a sexual object, but are simply regarded as a functional necessity, “to feed the baby”.

Our Master creator (God) designed a woman’s body to have breasts on the ‘outside’ of their chest, because these attractive pieces of anatomy need to be kept at relatively low temperatures ( cool ). Breast are outside of the chest cavity for a reason, because this ensures that they do not over heat & remain at a lower temperature than the relatively constant body temperature of 39.4 deg C . The same can be said of a man’s testicles, they are designed to be on the outside. Research has shown that if a man’s testicles do not descend from the stomach, his possible risk to testicular cancer increases significantly.
Bras must be correctly fitted not to limit the flow of fluid (no restriction), to allow full blood and lymphatic circulation. The bra should not too tight under the arms or around the back. Using a light fabric preferably made from cotton, this will also help to reduce the breast temperature. Good air circulation is essential, so showing that you have a ‘cleavage’ is a good thing! Great for the men around too !

Dr. Johnson recommends that bra’s should only be worn for a maximum period of 8 hours per day, so remove it when you get home (this will allow un-impeded body circulation, improved blood and lymphatic flow). Again statistically women who wear bras for longer periods subject themselves to a greater risk of breast cancer development. If you are an ‘A’ cup size, consider not wearing a bra at all.

Dr. Ben Johnson recommends that when a woman is alone (in private) that they actively massage their breasts in a clockwise direction (for example when you are in the washroom) to improve the blood /lymphatic fluid circulation when wearing a bra.

2) Thermography rather than Mammography examination. Dr. Johnson is not at all in favour of X- Ray radiation passing thru the breast at any stage in your life. If you have concerns, then go for a thermography test only. This modern equipment tracks via Infra red (ultra sound imaging using your own body heat), to establish if there are any hot spots within the breast/ body. This system is radiation free and isn’t harmful to the breast or body.

3) Your body pH Levels: it is essential to actively move your body’s pH levels towards a state of “Alkalinity”. Dr. Johnson follows the practise of moving his cancer patients away from being too ACIDIC, by recommending that they drink sufficient quantities of alkaline “ionized” energy charged healthy water. Ionized water also has anti-oxidants in it, which are excellent scavengers of free radicals that exist inside our bodies. Good water is the essence of life. Way back in 1932, Dr. Otto Wahlberg received the Nobel prize for Medicine by proving / discovering that Cancer cells cannot develop in an Alkaline body. Ensure that you eat plenty of alkaline ‘green leafed’ vegetables and fruits like avocadoes, tomatoes, celery/ spinach etc. which also helps. Reduce the quantities of red meat you consume, eat only ‘pasture raised’ natural meats that has been exposed to fewer anti-biotics and no growth hormones used to produce it !

4) Limit the exposure of Chlorine to your skin / use a ‘chlorine free shower’ head where possible. Our constant exposure to heavy metals, largely thru our food intake is a serious cause for concern. Municipal water supplies in most countries only ‘test’ for a few chemicals, however it has been found that there are usually over 250 chemicals (inc. pesticides and pharmaceuticals) in our water. The average Western woman exposes herself to a huge number of chemicals every day, thru the application of ‘make up’ to their skin. An excellent way to eliminate and reduce the impact of heavy metals in the body, is regular use of Far Infra Red (low temperature) Saunas. Avoid entirely the use of Aluminum based Anti-Perspirants, these will affect your H M levels.

5) Stress Levels: Plan to reduce the stress levels we all have in our lives. Actively plan to have a “quiet time” every day, try Yoga to relax yourself , don’t watch TV, try reading a good book !

6) Address all of your Emotional Issues/ issues that you have pent up inside of you. Our ‘unforgiveness’ of ourselves, plus the in-ability to forgive others must happen and is vital for our own healing. See this website: www.thehealingcodes.com Thru our lack of ability to deal effectively with ‘forgiveness’, this emotionally binds us to the person or perpetrator who created this feeling in the first place. If you recall the Lord’s Prayer, where it states “ forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”. Our Master Creator recommends this to us, to “actively forgive” and to focus on the positive and be grateful for what you have ! Avoid negative people and their perceptions, as they will invade your ‘energy field’. If you recall from the Bible, Christ never attempted to perform miracles in his own home town, because these folk did not believe in him or his abilities to heal the sick, allow the blind to see once more etc.

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