If you’ve never tasted it, good alkaline ionized water it has a really fantastic taste, especially if you drink it from high in the mountains as it bubbles down over the rocks and the waterfalls. Today even more than ever it’s so important to good health but there is nothing more difficult to find. It is just not available in our cities, unless you make it yourself with an alkalizing ionizing machine such as any of the Ionways models.

Imagine being able to duplicate that sparkling mountain stream right in your own home. That is where a good quality water ionizer comes in.

Filtration systems such as reverse osmosis systems only remove the solids and the floaties but they don’t change whether the water is acid or alkaline. They can make the water more acidic and full of free radicals.

Even our tap water is not very pure and the pH is too low. Most people don’t trust modern well water because of all the toxic run-off that runs in. Distilled water is pretty dead. There is nothing in it.

The ph of most tap and bottled water is too low to alkalize the body properly. Also,they all have high levels of free radicals, which are unstable molecules that need an oxygen molecule to stabilize. When you drink it,it steals oxygen molecules from the cells of your body causing cell damage.

One of the local areas, in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, Canada, called Pitt Meadows has a high instance of this type of water. When this happens, clusters of certain types of diseases can appear.

Bottled water is actually a waste of money because most brands are very acid and will eventually contribute to poor health. Several of the brands we tested are like drinking a cola beverage (without the caffeine and the sugar) every time you drink it. It is so acid that it would take 32-12 oz. glasses of alkaline, ionized water to repair the damage from just 12 ounces of it.

Only properly ionized alkaline water has the healthy pH level,purity and anti-aging qualities that will alkalize your body,reduce or eliminate free radical damage and prevent the dangerous and destructive oxidation of your cells. Alkaline,ionized water will reduce the resulting acidosis which causes all degenerative diseases,aging and obesity.

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