So now you aren’t feeling well and you wonder how you got to be in this mess. How did you get sick and how are you going to get well again? To understand how to reverse illness, it is necessary to understand how you got there in the first place.

There are five stages that lead to a disease state.

The first stage starts when the foods we eat and the drinks we consume create an acidic state in our body. As a result, a lot of nutrients, especially minerals are being used up to try to buffer the acidic body state. Antioxidants are being used at an alarming rate to try to relieve the free radical damage. The body is using everything it has to try to bring the body back to balance. In this state we do not see any nutrients being excreted because the body is using all of them. We start to see dehydration at this point, even though a lot of fluids may be consumed. The acidic state upsets the water balance within and outside the cells, so now the water starts to stagnate and become more acidic.

The second stage is where the body is beginning to show signs of nutritional deficiencies. The body starts to show fatigue, digestive problems and other signs that it is struggling. The process is subtle but the signs are there. The body chemistry of the body starts to slow down and certain enzymes and neurotransmitters become scarce. The enzymes that are produced from nutrients that are lacking will not be able to regulate body functions efficiently as the acidic state deepens. Dehydration is now markedly increased and the body cannot get rid of the toxic, acidic waste. Things like constipation and digestive issues begin to appear more regularly. In addition, body fat begins to increase as the body pulls toxins and acids away from vital organs to protect us. It manufactures fat to store the toxic load. There are no extra nutrients to excrete as the body needs everything it can absorb.
The third stage is when dehydration and acidosis have become chronic in the body. There are symptoms now such as depression or irritability. There may also be brain fog, lack of motivation, restlessness and sleep problems. These symptoms usually lead to other symptoms like fatigue, lack of energy and frequent colds and flu. More weight gain happens here and the body tries to rescue itself from the deepening dehydration and acidosis. Digestive problems and joint issues become more the norm.

The fourth stage is when the deepening dehydration and acidosis have escalated to the point where the body is so uncomfortable that one usually consults a doctor or other medical professional. Worsening symptoms lead to tests which bring back abnormal results. A diagnosis is made as the body now has a disease. It is severely dehydrated and acidic and struggling to maintain whatever health it has.

The fifth stage is where the body tries to manage the medications that are being used to control the symptoms. If surgery results, the body weakens further as parts of itself become diseased or non- functioning and must be removed. The medications further acidify the body to the point where the aging process accelerates and people really look and feel unwell. As the disease advances, there does not seem to be enough energy to diligently look after one’s nutritional needs as the body struggles on.

Many of you that are reading this article are in this place. You feel unwell and you don’t know how to reverse this process and restore your health. As a clinician in a holistic health clinic, I have found that by drinking alkaline, ionized water, the body starts to right itself. It is subtle at first, but the alkaline, ionized water starts to get the swamp draining. All of that stagnant and toxic water in the body starts to move and be eliminated by the kidneys. Life begins to look a little brighter. The more alkaline, ionized water a person drinks over time, the more this clearing takes place. Over the days and weeks, life begins to feel better. There is a growing desire to move a bit more, perhaps take a short walk and to eat better. There is a growing interest and curiosity of what the doctor will find has improved, on the next visit. There may be weight loss or clearer vision. That annoying ringing in the ears may have disappeared. High blood pressure and cholesterol may drop. All kinds of things may shift and change. Eventually there may even be a conversation about reducing or changing medications because the symptoms have lessened or disappeared. Alkaline, ionized water could put you back on the road to health.

If you would like to try it, I invite you to experience our free 7 day water challenge. It costs you nothing but your time and effort.

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