This is a wonderful time of the year. We get a few days off work, but we run around frantically buying gifts, visiting friends and family, cooking the traditional feast(s) and maybe even eating and drinking more than we normally would.

The weekend is coming and you get a few days rest before its back to work on Monday. This is a time when we start to contemplate our New Year’s Resolution. If your waist-line is a little rounder than it was a week ago, with the New Years feast still around the corner, you are faced with that dreaded four letter word – diet.

But it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think. You can do it a lot smarter this year and ensure the wellness of your family at the same time. The secret is alkaline, ionized water.

The hyper-acidity of your intra-cellular water is what causes you to puff up like a mushroom. Your body produces fat to buffer that acidity. If you have been eating on-the-go a lot of this year, you will have been building your muffin waist for a while.

Dieting isn’t fun. You feel deprived when you diet. You feel like a failure when you can ‘t have your favorite occasional treat. While I am suggesting that you try to eat smarter, I am also recommending that you drink alkaline, ionized water.

It will buffer the acidity of your cellular water and naturally and easily reduce the size and number of your fat cells. If you eat in a moderate and healthy way, you body will find its optimal weight naturally. No, starving, no depriving, no guilt, just gradual and healthy weight loss and your body will repair any damage to itself easily and naturally. You won’t feel like you’re getting all crocked up any more. If anything symptoms that you feel occasionally will be gone and you won’t even notice, until you find you are able to do something you have been unable to do without discomfort.

As a New Year’s Resolution, alkaline, ionized water is many resolutions in one:

It will lift your mood, so you are not as pessimistic or depressed.
It will improve your memory, cognition and sequencing as your brain function improves.
It will raise your energy levels so you can do more of the things you want to do and spend less time napping or wanting to.
It will increase your motivation to eat right and even to exercise.
It will increase your stamina, so that when you do get moving, you will want to keep up your efforts.
It will improve your health by getting rid of excessive body acids and repairing years of free radical damage.
It will turn your thirst mechanism back on so that you want to drink healthy water and more of it.
It will erase the cravings you have for unhealthy foods like sweets and junk food.
It will save you money as your taste and motivation to buy bottled beverage products decreases and as your desires for fast food and junk food is erased.
It will change the way you eat and drink, bringing you strong desires for a healthier lifestyle.
If you are seriously ill, or you know someone who is you need to seriously consider what this water may do for you or them.

Do yourself a favor, and find out how you can get in on our 10 day free water trial. You have nothing to lose but your burdens. You supply the containers for two days worth of water and we supply the water.

Start drinking again and have the happiest year ever.

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