According to scientific studies in recent years, having belly fat and fat around your middle brings about a predisposition to heart and circulatory disease in addition to diabetes and other chronic illnesses. That muffin waist or that ski jump is dangerous to your health. What I am going to tell you now, may surprise you.
Fat gain seems to be triggered by dehydration. When the trigger happens, the body cannot differentiate between thirst and hunger. Tests show that in random  groups who appeared to be hungry, a glass or two of water, when consumed, dissipated hunger pangs in all but one person.
When the body is dehydrated, even a two percent water loss, scientists are saying that it creates fuzzy thinking, short term memory loss, fatigue, lethargy, aches and pains, acidic body terrain, false feelings of hunger, blood sugar issues, blood pressure issues and many other symptoms.
The biggest problem with dehydration is the rising acidity that happens to the body terrain. Your blood is very sensitive to pH and the body will do everything it can to maintain the blood at 7.365. If it starts to drift below that, the mineral stores in the bones, organs and teeth are pulled to buffer the rising acidity. Over time, this causes osteopenia and osteoporosis. The other body fluids become more acidic along with the blood.
The body acidity actually consists of dietary and metabolic acids from eating too much of certain types of foods, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, chemicals and toxins in the water, using cosmetics and hair dyes, drinking carbonated and alcoholic beverages, environmental pollutants, household cleaners, and a whole litany of other contaminants.
Yes, I know that’s Life, but there is something you can do about it, something very simple. Actually there are somethings you can do. We’ll get to them in a moment. First you have to understand how the body gets fat.
This body acidity is dangerous to your internal organs which must work in order for you to be healthy. The body develops a strategy to protect them from the acidity which irritates, inflames and scars them. Fat cells are used to store toxins and acids from metabolic processes that are trapped in the body by lack of water. The toxins are illustrated by looking at the dark brown/black fat that comes out of people during liposuction. The body stores what could be dangerous to itself by storing it in fat cells.
Now, the question is how do you get rid of it? The simplest answer is to rehydrate the body, but we have to be careful how we do it. Remember all that acidic waste that is stored in your fat cells. We don’t want it flooding into your body fluids from your fat . It’s too acidic and could cause you to feel unwell and go into what is called a detox reaction.
You will remember from your high school chemistry, that acid is neutralized by alkaline or base. You will need to address your fat on several fronts. First you need to put more water into your body, gradually building up to one more glass each day until you are drinking half your body weight in ounces every day. You also need to get more alkaline into your system. One way to do it is to eat more green vegetables or take a greens powder.  The easiest way is to drink  Cerra alkaline, ionized water.
Now that you have some strategies to start the alkalizing your body, you may begin to notice that weight just starts to drop without you doing much of anything else. I encourage you to try to make better food choices by cutting out as many processed foods and sugars as possible. Just go at it gradually and do the best you can.
Now we need to talk about the dreaded E-word, exercise. If you have mobility problems or trouble with walking, I encourage you to sit a chair in the middle of the room, sit in it and move your arms and legs around for 5 minutes, twice a day. Think of all the ways you can move your arms and legs. For example, straighten your right leg and lift it as high as you can. Do it five times if you can. Now do the other leg. Pick another movement with each leg and each arm.
If you are mobile, then I would like you to challenge yourself to walk to the other end of the block and back. Walk every day until you get a bit stronger, then walk a bit further until you can walk around the block, then two. Movement gets your lymph system moving so that all those acids and toxin can be moved to the chutes and plumbing to be eliminated.
To monitor your progress, get some pH strips from a health food store to monitor your urine pH. Wave a strip of pH paper through your urine stream first thing in the morning and two hours after each meal. Your goal is to get your urine pH to 6.9. A pH of 5.9 is ten times more acidic that 6.9 which is a lot.
By making changes in your lifestyle you can lose the ski jump and the muffin waist. Otherwise the alternatives are all downhill. You deserve better and that includes vibrant health. Let’s change your lifestyle a bit and see how you feel. Let’s get moving!

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