Well, the H1N1 pandemic scare is now passed but there are some important lessons we need to think about. First of all, the pandemic never materialized. There is now an investigation going on in Europe to find out if the World Health Organization (WHO) was influenced by the 5 drug companies who make 7 billion dollars profit, to declare an international pandemic rating.

In the US, statistics show 60 million people or 20 percent of the population, voluntarily got the H1N1 vaccine. In the UK, the government is trying to get rid of a billion pounds worth of vaccine it cannot use. The Daily Mail in Britain reports the even more shocking fact the hysterical overreaction that was built up in the media was very predictable. The panic created caused a huge waste of public money, our money, on something that can kill at-risk populations but will only put the average person in bed for a few days. The so-called experts have been wrong several times in recent decades. These experts create what is called scare tactics, which as it turns out, can be the biggest threat to your health.

The pattern of developing scare tactics looks like this. First, there are a few cases of people dying. Scientists identify the threat as new and warn that it has killed people. Then the media picks it up and begins to sensationalize it. All of a sudden, governments and politicians get involved, trying to protect their citizens from the pathogen. The tipping point is when the drug companies fuel the government fires and get the drums beating faster. Pretty soon, we have warehouses of vaccine nobody wants and the drug companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

The tragic news is that because of scare tactics, as of January 24, 2010, the VAERS database shows there are 5400 adverse events reports from the H1N1 vaccine on the website. This does not necessarily include those reported to doctors in local areas. Adverse events include miscarriages, neurological problems, tumors, fainting spells, severe headaches, spinal lesions and a whole litany of other now chronic symptoms. People with auto-immune disorders are particularly prone to an escalation of symptoms.

Some people thankfully had no adverse reactions to the vaccine, but some experts are wondering if we should be vaccinating against flu at all. Considering the risks and the scare tactics, people would be wise to think about natural ways to manage flu symptoms, including taking natural immune boosters that they begin taking at the beginning of flu season. Your health care professional can advise you what is best in your particular situation if you ask them about natural remedies. Only you can decide if you are being influenced by scare tactics or common sense.

Unfortunately scare tactics don’t just apply to pandemics. There are lots of other situations where scare tactics are used to manipulate you into believing something if you are scared enough. Research should be your antidote of choice. The more you know and the more informed you are, the more you can protect your health. Ask your health care professional if a healthy diet, natural supplements and lots of good clean water will do far more for you than scare tactics, vaccines or pills.

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