In most people, urine is very acidic. It is the body’s way of getting rid of excess acids in the body from the metabolism of food and other lifestyle choices. When the little engines in the cells called mitochondria fire to provide us with energy, they give off little puffs of metabolic exhaust, which is very acid. The urine is the body’s way of getting rid of it. Unfortunately, if the body is dehydrated, it becomes harder and harder for these acids to be eliminated.

Normally we don’t pay attention to our bladder until we get a signal that we need to empty it. We don’t know what’s in our urine or how acid or neutral it is, we just want to get rid of it. But according to recent statistics approximately 700,000 Americans and a proportionate number of Canadians have an inflammatory condition called interstitial cystitis. 90 per cent of sufferers are women, who are Caucasian and pre-menopausal. Interstitial Cystitis is more common in people in their 40’s.It is caused when the urine is very acidic and causes irritation and inflammation inside the bladder. The bladder becomes painful and it feels like the bladder needs to empty more often than is normal, sometime upwards of 15 times per day.

The process starts because the body condition is way more acidic than the normal neutral state that the body is accustomed to. The body tries to remove the acids from itself and uses what available water it has to reduce its acidic load. The normal protective coating inside the bladder becomes too thin from acidic wear and urine seeps through what is left of this coating to activate an irritation/inflammation response. Because the body is short of water to begin with, histamines are produced which stimulates leukotriene and prostaglandin production. In women, nerves in and around the bladder seem to be more sensitive to the irritation and are more easily stimulated than in men, and women are more likely to “feel” pain. Alcohol, spicy foods, artificial sweeteners and smoking, all of which are acid-forming in the body, can make IC worse.

IC is an unpleasant side effect of too much acid-forming foods, stress, acidic drinking water and other life style choices. Acid forming foods are usually a problem if they are not balanced with alkaline-forming foods and lifestyle choices. Some dinner plates don’t see green vegetables often enough or in sufficient quantities. For a list of acidic/alkaline foods, ask for our Food List.

Stress is one of the worst acidifiers to the body next to food. There are many ways to bust stress that actually don’t cost anything: deep breathing, meditating, walking, exercising and alkalizing your body. For deep rooted stress, sometimes a round of energy therapy or counseling sessions can help. It may be money issues or even a boss that just seems to have it “out” for you. Pressure from these life situations are what we feel as stress.
Some areas are blessed with alkaline tap water, but most tap waters are contaminated with chlorine and in some instances fluoride. Chlorine is toxic to the body over time and is especially unsuitable for children. Fluoride is what they use to kill rats and what they used to use in concentration camps to keep the inmates docile. A lot of tap water is acidic in pH and contributes to the acidic load in the body. Over time, this causes other chronic and age-related conditions besides IC. Bottled water is mostly acidic tap water, put through a reverse-osmosis process which makes the water even more acidic and very “hungry.” An acidic water that you drink will begin to leach minerals from your bones, organs and teeth and can, over time, create mineral depleting diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, heart conditions, dementia or even cognitive dysfunction. You can’t find your glasses so you can find your car keys.

Lifestyle choices include such things as smoking, drinking alcohol, using recreational drugs, marathon running, ironman competitions and even going to the fast food take-out for lunch because it’s cheap and convenient. These all create enormous amounts of acidic buildups in the body and over time will take their toll.

So, now that we’ve pointed out possible causes for IC, what do you do about it? It is now obvious to most people that taking pills will only mask the symptoms and really won’t do anything to heal the bladder so that it will function normally. If you remember from your high school chemistry, bases neutralize acids, so you need to shift your inner terrain to a more neutral or slightly alkaline state. To do that in a way that is safe for the body, you don’t want to take sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. It impairs the function of your digestive system, starting at the stomach and could compromise your immune system.
To start with, an acidic body condition usually results from dehydration. If there was adequate water, the acidic condition would be much less. The water would enable the osmotic pumps in the cell walls to flush out the toxins more efficiently. So the first thing you need to do is drink much more water than you are now.

The next thing you need to do is alkalize your body. You could start by eating much more raw green food in the form of juice and salads. You could include smoothies as long as they are made mostly with green vegetables and no sugar. Vegetables are needed for a healthy body and a wide variety of raw and cooked vegetables are important to eat several times a day.

Scientists and Oncologists have found that shifting the body’s acidic terrain is not always easy or fast with diet alone. Some people with serious, aggressive disease do not have the 6 to 18 months it takes to shift the body pH with diet alone. One of the leading edge Oncologists in the US has found that by adding alkaline, ionized water to a predominantly vegetable diet, the body pH begins to shift within a week. Once that happens and the person can maintain the level of pH required, symptoms within the body begin to change. Since IC is a “water” disease, drinking alkaline, ionized water makes perfect sense. Cerra Water  in one of the fastest and most  organic  ways to alkalize  your body and bring  it into  balance.

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