Think about it! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel, look and perform better and better every day? Look in magazines, on the internet, or at your local spa and you can find lots of things that you can put on your skin to smoothen it, soften it and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. There are machines that will reduce your cellulite or melt away your fat and tone your body. We have so much technology that helps us to feel and look better. To a lot of people, personal image is very important. They don’t want to look like they ‘re getting older.

What if I told you there was a “secret something” that would make all of the products and treatments you are using work so much better? It would give you 200% of your money’s worth, or more. You see, the reason that you are seeking answers is because you feel or look like you are getting older. Aging is caused by inflammation in the body from a condition that most people have, called acidosis. Acidosis is the name given by scientists to a condition in the body where the body becomes acidic. It has a number of causes: the types of food that you eat, the type and quality of what you drink, the normal by-products of metabolism, vigorous exercise, medications, artificial sweeteners, stress and many other factors. It sounds hopeless but it is far from it.
Remember your basic high school chemistry where you learned that solutions that were acid and alkaline neutralized each other out. Your body has a secret acid/alkaline balance which keeps it healthy and purring like a kitten. Your body is naturally alkaline if we look after it in a healthy way. But, life is faster paced and we don’t eat as many really healthy foods as we should. Most of us eat too much animal protein and drink bottled water, both of which create that acidic body condition we talked about earlier.

The way to help keep your body alkaline is to drink Cerra alkaline, ionized water and lots of it. By drinking alkaline, ionized water, you gently flush your body of toxins, you smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, your hair and nails improve and you may even regrow hair lost to stress. The alkaline water also helps buffer your diet on days when you don’t eat as healthfully as you should. You are also helping prevent bone loss due to mineral depletion . When your body tries to buffer the acidity within, it pulls minerals from your bones, organs and teeth, which over time is not healthy.

To create beauty from the inside out is one of the healthiest and most cost effective things you can do for yourself. So, while you are relaxing, melting away your cellulite, remember to drink your alkaline, ionized water for maximum results.

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