People with diabetes should have regular testing to make sure that their diabetes is under control and not causing further health complications. Doctors are saying it is not enough to do daily in-home glucose testing. The goal with all diabetics should be to keep their blood glucose as close to normal as possible.
There are a number of routine clinical tests available for diabetics, but a new study shows that not all diabetics are getting these tests done by their health care professionals.
There are four tests available for people with diabetes. The first test is a hemoglobin A1c test which measures blood glucose levels over time.  The American Diabetic Association recommends that this test be done twice a year. Some health professionals recommend it be done four times per year.  This test shows the average blood glucose level over several months.
The second test is equally important. It is a urine protein test, which is used to measure kidney function and efficiency. It is an important test to monitor the kidneys for damage from the side effects of the diabetic condition.
The third test is a dilated eye exam which detects damage to the eyes from diabetes. It is so important to protect the eyesight and prevent problems that can cause blindness or partial blindness.
Number four is an examination of the feet and legs to check or irritation, inflammation and sores. People with diabetes have a hard time healing once sores break out in the legs and feet. Sores are sometimes a result of poor circulation, a side effect of diabetes.
If you are diabetic and you have not had these tests and examinations done regularly, please check with your health care professional . Your health is important and should be monitored frequently.

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