As early as the turn of the last century, our ancestors got their water from the rivers and streams near where they lived. The water was alkaline from picking up minerals as it bubbled over the rock. It was full of extra oxygen from flowing over the rock and down waterfalls. It was full of negative ions from the sunlight. The water was healthy to drink and they fed it to their animals. Animals in the wild still drink this water as do some of the world’s longest lived races.

Nowadays, we can’t do that. Most urban water is not clean nor is it safe to drink without being treated. The treatment of choice seems to be chlorine and chloramines. When chlorine comes in contact with organic matter in the water, it creates all kinds of harmful byproducts that can cause disease over time.… Read the rest

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In a state of dehydration, body cells cannot assimilate nutrients, remove waste and relieve pain from conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia. Dehydration also occurs as a side effect of caffeine, sugar and processed food consumption, exercise and the use of certain medications.

Humans need hydrogen to survive. It is the key to long life and anti-aging. However, due to mass food production, mineral deficient soil, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, over-processing of foods, chemical preservatives, and drinking over-chlorinated/over-fluoridated water, people do not get enough Hydrogen ions daily. Body cells become damaged, hydration levels decrease and cells age.

Dramatic breakthroughs in overcoming disease are being published in some of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals as a result of the hydration movement. At the same time, thousands of Scientists and Medical Doctors around the world like F.… Read the rest

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There are hidden substances all around you, in the air, in your food and water. Not to get paranoid about it is a good call. You would have a hard time living, if you knew and dwelt on all the ramifications. But a good housecleaning once in a while is a good plan. As you learn to reduce, reuse and recycle in your own home and environment, you learn to reduce toxins and waste in your world. You learn to do things a different way and you learn to do without things that are potentially harmful. You can do that inside, too, in your internal environment.

Just as our world has become piled with garbage, polluted with industrial chemicals, wastes and filled with smoggy air, so is our inner world filled with the remnant of toxins that we take into our bodies unwittingly or unknowingly, day after day.… Read the rest

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Believe it or not, the skin is the largest organ in the body and makes up about 15 percent of the body’s weight. The average adult has from 12 to 20 square feet of skin surface. If we took apart the skin, we would find that it is 70 percent water, 25 percent protein and 2 percent fats. The remaining bits would include trace minerals, nucleic acids and other chemical constituents.

The skin is made up of layers which have different functions. The epidermis is the part of the skin that we see when we look at ourselves. This layer is our first line of defense against bacteria and substances that may be harmful to us, and contains an oily film called the acid mantle.… Read the rest

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All that wonderful food we eat, all those nutritious greens, all that organic, tasty food that we so enjoy must metabolize. The body uses it to fire the cells. In return the cells give off carbon dioxide, water, energy and heat. When proteins are broken down and used by the cells, toxic, acidic, nitrogenous wastes like ammonia and urea are formed and excreted by the cells into the spaces between the cells. Somehow the body has to get rid of these acids because they are extremely irritating to the body and cause inflammation. It is imperative because of all of the other things that the kidneys do that are vital to life. This whole metabolic and inflammation cycle is totally dependent on water.… Read the rest

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Every time you breathe out, you lose water. It’s about a quart of water every day, breathed out of your body. In cold climates, you can see it in the winter time, when you breathe, as a mist coming out of your nose and mouth. That is the invisible water vapor that is a by-product of your breathing. If you can imagine hanging wet clothes on a clothes line to be dried by the wind, they dry much more quickly that if the wind is absent. When you breathe, you create a wind, too, which can be very drying to the lungs if you don’t drink enough water. The delicate membranes that pick up oxygen and give off carbon dioxide would quickly become brittle and dry unless they are supplied with sufficient water.… Read the rest

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A few years ago now, William Duffy wrote a book called Sugar Blues. In it he writes about the addictive qualities of white sugar saying, “It is much like a drug and the difference between sugar addiction and narcotic addiction is largely one of degree,” What makes sugar qualify as an addictive substance? By eating one piece or one bite of something containing sugar, it creates a desire for more and more. Also when one decides to quit eating it ‘cold turkey’, withdrawal symptoms appear which encourage one to go back to eating sugar again.  Symptoms like depression, fatigue, fuzzy thinking, headaches, blurred vision, strong cravings and mood swings are not pleasant and can be caused by withdrawing sugar from the diet.… Read the rest

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The following article is very important for everyone to understand what stress does to them in their daily lives. It is one of the worst factors to create an acidic condition in the body which causes inflammation. Science is now proving that acidity in the body is the root of all inflammation and subsequent disease. It is so important to remember that whatever foods you eat are not enough. You need to eat more alkaline-forming foods in your diet. You need to supplement your diet with alkaline, high antioxidant “foods” and drinks. Recent scientific studies indicate one of the simplest and most effective ways to alkalize your body is to drink Cerra alkaline, ionized water. If you drink alkaline, ionized water all day, in addition to better food choices, you are repairing the three serious risk factors for disease, an acidic body condition, free radical damage and dehydration.Read the rest

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Recent research is arming scientists with an ever increasing body of evidence from research labs around the world that claims more deaths and disease in the West from an overly acidic body.

This easy to understand models explains that whenever the body burns food as fuel it creates acidic by-products that are toxic to the body. Many of the scientists at the forefront of this research now believe that accumulated build ups of these acidic wastes can be a primary cause of chronic disease, overweight and aging. This evidence also points to a huge contributing factor in such horrifying diseases as cancer.

Over the last hundred years the North American diet and lifestyle have changed dramatically. No longer do we eat what we grow on our farms and in our back yards.… Read the rest

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According to some of the latest research, unrefined sea salt is actually good for your brain and especially so if you spend a lot of time in a hot environment. Your brain appears to be encased in a salty environment and floats in salty cerebral spinal fluid. Salt is constantly being pumped into this fluid. It must be replenished in the diet to maintain the optimal brain environment.

The brain is 85 percent water and uses salt for taking acids out of the brain cells. The acidity is a by-product of the energy consumed by the nine trillion brain and nerve cells that constantly chatter to one another. The energy expenditure produces acidic toxic waste that must be pumped out of the brain to be eliminated.… Read the rest

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