Turbidity is the measure of water clarity. The more suspended solids in the water, the cloudier it becomes. Here on the west coast of Canada, most of our drinking water is rain water. When it runs off the hills, it picks up sediment and it flows into the reservoirs. This murkiness not only affects the waters “drinkability”, the suspended particles absorb heat from the sun and warm the water. The warmer water holds less oxygen and is less healthy to drink.
When the water becomes cloudy, extra chlorine is added to kill any organisms attached to the particulate matter. When the chlorine comes in contact with organic matter in the water, a chemical reaction takes place which creates toxic chlorine by-products that you really don’t want to be drinking.
Governments set something called MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level). Under normal conditions of low water turbidity, water contaminants are supposed to be within or lower than the MCL. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there MAY be an increased risk of cancer as a result of long term consumption of water containing chlorine by-products such as Haloacetic Acids, Trihalomethanes, Chloroform, Dichloroacetic Acid, Brominated Acetic Acids and others, in doses exceeding the MCL, especially times of higher chlorination, like the winter on the west coast.

These by-products make the water somewhat questionable to drink because there is not enough evidence to state that they are carcinogenic to human, even though they produce cancers in experimental animals. Haloacetic acids are classified as a Group 2B cancer classification because of the “possibility” as a cancer causative agent in humans but there are very few studies done on the effects of long-term human chlorine use and exposure. Governments are quite satisfied to put this toxic substance in the water and deem it safe.

I’m not going to go on a big tirade about how it can cause birth defects, miscarriages, heart disease, swelling in the lungs, cancers and a whole host of health problems. My position is each person needs to make a choice to protect their health. If you have any nagging health issues, you may want to eliminate chlorine from your life. There are any number of ways to do it.

When the water comes out of your tap, it is basically dead. There is nothing that supports optimum health in it. Even most bottled water is tap water. You must drink healthy water in order to be healthy, especially as you get older, that is over 10 years old. Healthy water is full of available oxygen and negative ions, acts like an antioxidant in the body and is in small enough clusters to be readily absorbed by the body. It is also alkaline, so it keeps your bones strong, your immune system fired up and your energy levels up.

Yes, the water needs to be safe to drink, but the job that chlorine does, ends when it comes out of your tap. You don’t need to be drinking it. So with the shopping list above, how does one get this water? Innovative Ionizing Technologies Inc have developed a water pitcher with a a specialty filter   that changes the water that comes out of your tap. After a few days of drinking  Cerra Water you will see how your body responds to vibrant, healthy water. Watch yourself change. Your body will want this water because it supports optimal body function. You will thirst for it and pretty soon, you will want nothing else. Our Cerra water changes everything.

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