According to sports nutrition researchers, your muscles are designed to work well only in a narrow range of almost zero acidity. Arterial blood works best with no acid at all. What does that mean? Your body has a secret balance that is not only designed to keep you healthy, but to make moving more comfortable and efficient. That balance is your acid/alkaline balance. Acidity and alkalinity is measured by a unit called pH. It can be measured by a liquid pH reagent, by a pH meter, or by pH reactive strips.( The pH strips are not very accurate once the package has been opened.)

For example, at rest, in a healthy person, muscle pH should be about 6.9, while arterial blood should be about 7.4.” Research shows that as you begin to exercise, the muscles draw fuel to provide energy to move or stretch. The more time the muscles are out of “rest” the more acid they produce as they burn the fuel. So the harder a muscle has to work to hold an asana the quicker you “go acid.”

When the muscle pH drops below 6.5, the muscles cannot fuel themselves properly, nor can they rid themselves of the rapid acidic buildup because the hydration cycle is interrupted. The ability of muscle to generate power and movement is then restricted. The blood flow and breathing are also dramatically affected.

To promote efficiency of movement in yoga or any movement or stretching exercise, there must be an intervention to alkalize and flush the system before, during and after exercise. The most efficient is Cerra alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized water. Its alkalizing effect on the body reduces muscle fatigue, stiffness and pain. Since many people, including athletes, do not consume enough alkaline rich foods, such as fruits, nuts and vegetables, but instead rely heavily on acid forming foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, etc., they may be at risk for an acidic condition in their body fluids. The long term and consistent use of alkaline ionized water helps the body perform better, lubricating the joints and preventing lactic acid build-up and dehydration which limits the potential for muscle extension and movement. Because yoga can be very physically demanding, it becomes easier to move into an asana if the body is alkaline.

Cerra alkaline, ionized water acts like an antioxidant, because it is super oxygenated, feeding the blood stream extra oxygen so the cells can work better. Scientific research also shows that an alkaline body reduces daytime fatigue and low energy.

It is six times more hydrating that tap or bottled water because the water is in smaller particle sizes, making them absorb faster and more easily. Because of this, it is also constantly detoxifying the body, making it more comfortable to live in.

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