In results published in the Jan 2007 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology, Spanish researchers found that chlorinated water poses health risks by drinking it, swimming in or showering in it, or breathing in the fumes from hot showers, swimming pools, hot tubs and baths.

Researchers studied a total of 1219 men and women with bladder cancer and had them fill out questionnaires about their exposure to chlorinated water from various sources. The results were compared to 1271 men and women as controls who did not have the disease. They also compared the average levels of chlorine and chlorine by-products in the water in the 123 areas where the studied individuals lived. Their findings were quite alarming:

Drinking chlorinated water increased the risk of bladder cancer by 35%.

Long baths and showers increased exposure to carcinogenic chlorine by-products like trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, raising cancer risks even further. Cancers of the kidney and stomach have been identified as resulting from exposure to these chlorine by-products in other studies. There are even genetic mutations found in relatively harmless bacteria endemic in water that have been exposed to these by-products.

Lower mainland BC water is rainwater. It is collected in large reservoirs, waiting to be distributed by pipeline to homes all over the Greater Vancouver area. There are all kinds of creatures, big and small, swimming on and in these reservoirs. There are certain unmentionables along with decaying leaves and other vegetative matter floating in the water that must meet certain standards for human exposure. Chlorine seems to be the disinfectant of choice, but when decaying organic matter meets chlorine, dangerous by-products are formed. It also goes without saying that chlorine and chloramines are not additives that contribute to health, in and among themselves. Drinking rainwater is acidic and void of minerals that alkalize the water. It’s sort of like drinking acid rain, although Federal guidelines deem the water safe to drink. Yes, it is safe by certain standards which set safety limits for contents. But, over time, drinking acidic water, either out of the tap or a bottle, contributes to chronic and degenerative illness. No wonder it is endemic in North America. Studies out of Norway prove that if you drink water of 6.9 pH or lower, you have a fourfold chance of becoming diabetic. Look at the statistics. Look at how many people at or past middle age that have something wrong with them. It’s time to be proactive about your health. You certainly don’t have a chlorine deficiency and it is not healthy to have chlorine or chemicals like it in your body.

To restore or maintain the health that you have, you should filter the chlorine out of your water, add essential minerals and oxygen and make the water easily absorbed by your body. That’s how water used to be before we put it in reservoirs and piped it long distances. We were more healthier back then. Tap water has lost its vitality to make and keep you healthy. Water in the olden days was like  alkaline, ionized water is today. Alkaline, ionized water comes out of a  Cerra Water pitcher.  It is full of oxygen, filtered of dangerous contaminants and actually acts like an antioxidant in the body, mopping up free radicals. The Cerra  filter breaks the weak bonds of the water molecules into smaller bundles so that it is more readily absorbed by the body, making it six times more hydrating than tap or bottled water.  As a clinician, I have seen fabulous results in my clinic for people with symptomatic disease. Many symptoms have disappeared entirely. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to protect your health by alkalizing and oxygenating your body with Cerra Water.  Illness and disease cannot live in an alkaline body.

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