In the body, there is a “relay” system that bounces messages from your brain to tell you that you hurt and where. The skin also has a relay system of peripheral nerves that sense hot and cold, sending those messages to the brain. Scientists found that an application of heat actually interferes with pain signals being sent to the brain. They don’t exactly know how this interference occurs, but the sensation of pain seems to lessen with the application of heat. It seems like when the brain senses heat, it becomes “confused” and closes down the intensity of the sensation of pain.

The association between pain and the brain can be somewhat daunting. Because some pain seems to go beyond a reason for the pain, since there seems to be no longer an organic cause, scientists have been exploring how to relieve it without drastic measures. Recent finding suggest that dehydration around the pain site may cause the signals to continue to the point that the signal becomes chronic. When it does become chronic, medical professions call this condition maldynia. One of the online dictionaries says maldynia is “Constant pain that lasts for at least three months or indefinitely. May not have an obvious cause and may be disabling, affecting daily life. Maldynia can cause fatigue, concentration problems and appetite changes and lead to suppression of the immune system, depression, anxiety and even suicide.”

By drinking lots of alkaline water, particularly alkaline, ionized water, acidic metabolites that irritate and inflame the pain site are floated out and into the blood stream to be eliminated by the kidneys and bowels. By applying heat, particularly far infrared sauna heat there is penetration through the skin and deep into the tissue. The quality of far infrared heat is such that it gets to where the pain is, not just warming the skin. It interrupts the pain and creates a remodeling process of the pain signal. Pretty soon, the soothing feeling of warmth is what one feels more than the constant irritating pain.
With proper hydration and far infrared heat application there is increased blood flow that also reduces the quality of pain as more oxygenated blood and nutrients can get to the ends of the capillaries. The toxins that are released due to cell damage and irritation can be flushed away by the increased circulation. The super-oxygenation of the alkaline, ionized water brings more available oxygen to the cells and renewed vitality. Overall energy and get-up-and-go increases as the body cells have a cleaner environment to work. This process enhances nutrient absorption and allows the body to repair and replace damaged or diseased cells.

The increased oxygenation and blood flow allows the body muscles and joints to move more easily and with less pain. It encourages movement at the soreness begins to move. The increased muscle movement encourages the cell pumps to pump out more of the pain-causing toxins that led to the pain episode. The alkaline, ionized water enhances the pump action and carries the toxins away from the pain site to be excreted from the body. Movement is a very important part of the healing process. It supports the removal of pain from the body, in addition to lifting mood and creating a more positive outlook.

Heating and hydrating a painful area is soothing and promotes full body relaxation. The body is comforted and stress seems to melt away, along with the pain. When stress is reduced, a hormonal reaction takes place in the body that signals the body to reduce levels of the highly damaging stress hormone, Cortisol, in addition to 16 other stress-induced chemicals and hormones.

Since the body is 70 percent water, or is supposed to be, even a two percent drop in body water can have serious health consequences. Over time, chronic dehydration can result in all of the symptoms we associate with aging and the aches and pains that go with it. Liquids don’t cut it. The body thrives on alkaline water full of oxygen and negative ions. Drink the healthiest water in the world, from Ionways.

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