Meniere’s disease is a disease of balance. The person gets the perception that they are spinning or that their surroundings are spinning. It can be very disconcerting, as it is like you spun yourself around really fast, then tried to stand still while keeping yourself upright. Balance seems to disappear and the sensation of falling is very real. Sometimes vomiting accompanies the dizziness, just like the feeling you experience being on a fast spinning carnival ride. One of the unfortunate effects of Meneire’s is hearing loss. Nystagmus, which is an involuntary side to side eye movement, which usually accompanies Meniere’s can also affect vision acuity.

In the inner ear, balance is maintained by the semicircular canals which are filled with fluid and act like gyroscopes, keeping us balanced and upright. These canals are regulated by cranial nerve VIII, which emerges from the brain stem in the brain. Part of the action of Meneire’s disease involves a swelling of the endolymphatic sac, which is part of the semicircular canal. The endolymphatic sac controls the filtration, excretion and maintenance of fluid in the semicircular canals.

There is currently inconclusive scientific proof as to the cause of Meniere’s disease, but all of the clients in my clinic have responded to Cerra anti-oxidant  alkaline, ionized water. That points a finger at dehydration. It makes sense because inflammation caused by acidosis and dehydration can cause tissues to swell. Some evidence points to middle ear infection, syphilis, head injury, viral illness, respiratory infection, stress, fatigue, use of OTC and prescription medications, allergies, smoking, alcohol use and genetic factors. All of the above creates acidity in the body with the exception of genetic factors which only govern 35 percent of what is going on. The other 65 percent is within our power to change.

I will continue to offer Cerra  Water to Meniere’s sufferers to see if they all respond to the alkaline, ionized water. It is a very specific kind of water, made in water pitcher with a very special filter.  This simple Cerra Water pitcher  changes the tap water into alkaline, super-oxygenated, super hydrating, high antioxidant water that rids the body of free radicals, free radical damage and toxins. It actually restores the body to its most natural pH, which is near neutral. Most importantly, it stops the dizziness, nystagmus and vomiting in its tracks.  Try out the Cerra Water and  see for yourself.

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