Kidney stones are a symptom of an acidic lifestyle and dietary choices. The first major cause of kidney stones is sugar. I guess I’m dating myself here, but when I was a child, I remember a song I would hear on the radio called Sugar In The Morning, Sugar In The Evening… The babysitter I used to go to after school would give me sugar sandwiches on fluffy white bread as an after school snack. Now, of course, there is so much evidence out there that sugar in ALL forms causes terrible things to happen in the body, one of them being kidney stones. The second major acid producer in the body that can cause kidney stones is animal protein. When someone can eat half a bucket of fried chicken or that 16 ounce steak at a single sitting, then there is really cause for concern. The third cause of kidney stones is lack of physical exercise strenuous enough to cause a sweat. So why are kidney stones showing up in children as young as 5? They can’t eat as much as half a bucket of chicken or a 16 ounce steak but they can overload on protein and fats and scrimp on the vegetables. And, of course, there’s the sugar. They are taught this by their parents who also eat too many acid-forming foods and don’t drink enough healthy water or get enough exercise.

Table salt is another poison to the body. It is pure chemical. Unrefined sea salt or Himilayan Salt is a much better option as it has all the trace minerals left in it that the body needs.

The rise in health issues in all age groups, is indicative of our fast paced, convenience food, life style. A lot of people, including children have not seen a vegetable, outside of a French fry in weeks. In the body, the by-product of food metabolism forms acid, acid and more acid. The body has to do something with these acids so it either builds body fat to store it in or it binds it with mineral salts, like sodium, calcium and potassium. They form into stones in the gall bladder, kidneys and breasts, to protect the organs from harm. Kidney stones are just one symptom of an acidic lifestyle. Diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart disease are also the result of diet and lifestyle choices and alarmingly, they are on the rise in children as well as their parents.
By altering the diet to include more vegetables, healthy fats and alkaline, ionized water, creates a more alkaline terrain, preventing the “piling on the pounds” and stone formation. Prevention is much more efficient and comfortable than treatment.

Studies have found that dietary factors are the leading cause of kidney stones, which are crystallizations of several substances in the urine. Stones form when these substances become too concentrated.

Forty to 65 percent of kidney stones are formed when oxalate, a byproduct of certain foods, binds to calcium in the urine. (Other common types include calcium phosphate stones and uric acid stones.) And the two biggest risk factors for this binding process are not drinking enough healthy water and eating too many acid-forming foods; both increase the amount of calcium and oxalate in the urine. The body has gone into preservation mode to protect itself trying to containerize metabolic by-products that are toxic to itself.

All of the evidence is pointing out that Cerra  alkaline, ionized water, along with a healthy, balanced diet is a good preventative for kidney stones. Once you have them, minimally invasive surgery may be needed if the stones are not small enough to pass out of the kidneys on their own. Kidney stones are a danger signal. It’s telling you that it is time to wise up and change your diet and drink Cerra anti-oxidant alkaline water.

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