It’s ironic that most people don’t associate any kind of religion or spirituality with the effects they both have on their health. Even fewer people seem to know anything about alkaline food and alkaline diet and even less about alkaline, ionized water, especially how they affect their health. One of the most profound effects on health comes from your thoughts. Your state of mind has a tremendous influence on your personal health and vitality. How good you feel depend a great deal on what you are thinking. What you thought about yesterday is manifesting today.

Looking at the beautiful photographs of the water crystals of Dr. Masura Emoto one can see how water can store thoughts and thought energy. If that is indeed possible as Dr. Emoto has indicated, imagine what is possible with the 70 percent water that your body contains. Imagine if you poured positive, healthy, energizing thoughts to the water inside you. You know what would happen, don’t you?

Now, imagine if you changed your inner terrain from its probable acidic state, loaded with toxins, to a more neutral state, full of oxygen, water that is fresh and alive. The kind and quality of food we eat, affects the water within us and with it our blood, our overall health and our alkalinity. Our thoughts as we are eating that food, also affects everything. Acid thoughts create acid bodies. Negative thoughts create low energy, foggy thinking and ill health. Thoughts can keep us stuck in our old patterns of the past, distracting us from the new possibilities right under our noses. This is where we can lose our sense of well-being and be swept into the undercurrents of doubt and fear.

It is said that Spirit resides in each of us. It rides on the river of life, the water within us. The ancient texts tell us that the element of water is ever powerful in directing our spiritual journey, just as food with nourish or shrivel our Spirit, the quality and quantity of water points the way.

If you look at the photos of Dr. Emoto, you will see all kinds of water pictures from polluted water, chlorinated water, lake water, river water, blessed water, alkaline, ionized water, all manner of waters. Some of the crystals are distorted and stunted, others are beautiful. Which would you prefer inside you?
If you believe in God, if you value your connection to God and the Spirit within, you will realize that the water you contain must be of the highest and purest state. By guarding your thoughts, by treating your body with the tenderness and the love, it deserves, you will only put into it sustenance of the highest quality and vibration. Alkalizing as it is known as today, has a deep Spiritual root in the ancient past. Those deeply committed to their connection with Spirit, only put into themselves alkaline foods and water that was energized and alive. Today, we have a greater scientific understanding of what that means, but our increased population and environmental contamination has not allowed us to eat and drink as we would like.

Now we have organic foods available to us on a greater scale than ever before. We even have Cerra alkaline, ionized water to keep that water inside you of the highest and purest quality. Innovative Ionizing Technologies Inc  Scientists have created a pitcher with a specialty filter will help keep your inner terrain alkaline. If you know of chakras and the colors denoted to them, you will see the same colors on a pH chart. By drinking alkaline, ionized water, your vibration is kept in the higher frequencies. Negative, limiting thoughts cannot exist in an alkaline body. There is too much pull into uplifting, positive thoughts. The Cerra Water is further enhanced by infusing it with a full  range of healing frequencies called BFIT.  Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology is an an frequency package which contains thousands of frequencies that parts of the body naturally resonate at when in a healthy state. These frequencies are the purest form of energy that will pull up specific lower frequencies in a particular organ, tissue or body part so that it resonates at its perfectly harmonious place in the microcosm of the body. You in turn will resonate at the highest possible frequency at your harmonious place in the macrocosm of Infinity.  Drink Cerra alkaline, BFIT  infused  water and your Spirit will soar. You will become unstoppable.

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