It has been postulated for more than a century that inflammation contributes to cancer. The scientists Julius Vogel (1814-1880) and Rudolph Virchow (1821-1902) put forth the theory that cancer was caused by irritation that eventually caused inflammation and thus excessive cellular growth. More recently, British Researchers have concluded that the long term over-activation of the immune system (such as through infection and inflammation) may be an important cause of cancer. Their research shows an elevation of C-Reactive Protein in most cancers, namely breast, lung, colorectal, prostate and pancreatic cancer. 1
Other researchers have also identified inflammation as a significant factor in the development of what they call “solid tumor” malignancies. There are chronic inflammatory conditions like “silent inflammation” ,that medicine cannot establish a significant cause, that provide a supporting environment for the growth of malignancies. Some of the new research is pointing this unknown cause to the chronic acidity in the body environment. More research concludes that it all starts with our poor North American diet and acidic tap water intake and more acidic bottled water intake. Chronic dehydration can be caused by the acidic state or acidic-forming state of what is taken in to the body. For example, someone may drink two to three litres of acid-forming bottled water per day and still be dehydrated by the acidic body condition.

Tumors, when they are developing are just proliferating cells. The theory is that it looks much like a wound to the host, so inflammatory cells come in and do their job. They urge the growth onwards. The inflammation thrives in an acidic environment, thus encouraging growth of cancerous cells. Any “itis” disease, like pancreatitis, gastritis, colitis and so on, is an inflammatory disease that can cause an increased risk for cancer. Chromosomal damage and inflammation can change cells to the point where they overgrow and produce malignancies. Chemicals in the body called cytokines and even free radicals caused by body metabolism can increase the number of cells and impede the body’s natural tumor defenses. Researchers at the Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have found that the earliest stages of prostate cancer may develop from lesions generally associated with cancer. The same inflammatory connection can be drawn to other “itis” conditions related to smoking and lung cancer, spicy foods and stomach cancer and so on.

There are many irritants in the body that can cause inflammation to the point of being chronic. Infections, oxidative stress, allergies, smoking, poor food choices, excessive alcohol use, pesticide and herbicide exposure from occupations and many others can contribute significant enough chronic irritation to cause cellular overgrowth.

Since it is know that other foreign invaders, free radicals, advanced glycation end-products (excess sugars) and food allergies suppress the immune system and cause inflammation, it would be wise for cancer patients and those at risk for developing cancer to minimize all forms of inflammatory inducing antigens by eating only organic whole alkaline-forming foods and drink alkaline, ionized water. Irritation and inflammation can only exist in an acidic body condition where the body is breaking down faster than it can repair itself. Excess sugars promote an acidic body condition where all those at risk for cancer or who have it, should eliminate all forms of sugar from their diet. The immune system needs to be as healthy as possible to deal with cancer cells, no matter how few or many. By enhancing antioxidant activity with Cerra  alkaline, anti-oxidant water, alkaline-forming foods, high natural antioxidants like purple fruits, other antioxidants like Vitamin C and E, immune stimulants, proteolytic enzymes, complex mineral salts and cold water fish oils, you will begin to control the factors of inflammation.

Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline body. By promoting alkalinity in what you put in your mouth, you are reducing your inflammatory index and restoring your immune function, back on the road to health. The fastest way to bring your body into an  alkaline balanced state   is by drinking Cerra Water.

1)  O’Byrne, KJ and Dalgleish, AG.  “Chronic Immune Activation and Inflammation as the Cause of Malignancy.”  Br J Cancer, 2001, 85(4):473-483.

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