Wouldn’t you like a giant eraser to rub out a lot of wrinkles, battle scars and achie, ouchie things in your life? You maybe unfortunate enough to have a serious or chronic illness along with everything else that is going on. I know, there is nothing you can do about it, right?  Wrong. 

There is a ton of research that suggests there are some very reversible reasons why you age. After all, illness is just turbo-aging. The body is breaking down faster than it can fix itself. According to the experts 35 per cent of what goes on inside us is genetic. That means that 65 per cent we have control over. That’s empowering! In order to control that 65 per cent we need knowledge of how and why we age. Yes, we all have to die sometime, but we don’t have to die prematurely. Science is showing that the reason we age is an acidic body condition called acidosis. Acidosis causes silent inflammation in the body. This type of inflammation has virtually no symptoms until enough of it accumulates in the body. Then we start feeling it as fatigue, sore joints, breathing problems, digestive issues and a whole host of other symptoms. Too soon for most of us, we have a diagnosis and a disease. The only practiced next step is usually medication that attempts to control the symptoms and may gift you with side effects. There is another way. 

In the forest, the acidity in the forest floor decomposes organic matter and provides nutrients for the forest to continue. It is the natural course of things. It’s the way Nature works. The decomposition or break down that occurs inside of us is much like rusting or oxidation. It happens because we have acidic by-products from the digestion, assimilation and metabolism of what we eat and drink. It accumulates over the years and then we’re in trouble. The easiest way to bring your body into  balance is to drink Cerra anti-oxidant alkaline water. The minerals in the Cerra water buffer the acidity bringing our body into  alkaline balance and stopping that decaying  process.  The Cerra water is loaded with  anti0oxdiants which stop the free radical damage  or turbo aging on the cellar level.    The Cerra Water is more readily absorbed   into each cell due to its  smaller  water  cluster size whiles delivering the anti-oxidants and minerals.  Its amazing that by  drinking the right kind of water  we could reverse the effects of aging!

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