When sperm meets egg, it’s not long before an amniotic sac forms to cradle the baby is a cushion of water. The placenta is the highway that transports nutrients to the fetus from the mother. The fetus receives nutrients through the placenta to grow those trillions of differentiated cells. When the nutrients are consumed, they create acidic wastes which are transported out of its rapidly growing body via the placenta. The mother is only connected to the fetus by the placenta and umbilical cord, so that all that acidic waste from the baby lands in her body. There is no blood vessels connected to this acidic waste stream to transport it to her kidneys and bowels so her body becomes acidic very quickly.

Because blood is so vital to life, mom’s blood must maintain its narrow range of pH. When the mother’s body is acidified with her own metabolic waste and that of her baby, the body must raise the pH to keep her healthy. To do this, it starts to draw alkaline minerals, from her bones, organs and teeth. If the acidification is too strong and too sudden, nausea and vomiting can be the result. Scientific studies in Japan have shown that the over-acidification of her body is the cause of a lot of the complications of pregnancy like gestational diabetes, morning sickness, food cravings, binge eating, high blood pressure, toxemia and so on. Japanese doctors found that drinking alkaline, ionized water relieves morning sickness and other gestational symptoms.

If the mother has lots of alkaline reserve in her body in the form of alkaline mineral and/or alkaline, ionized water, she would have little or no pregnancy-related illness or complications. Japanese researchers found that when there is more acidic discharge from the fetus than there is alkaline buffers, the chances of the baby being born with jaundice are very high.

Pregnancy can age a woman considerably because of the acidic body state. Skin can produce stretch marks and wrinkles, bones can become weaker, blood pressure and diabetes conditions can linger and teeth can become loose in their sockets. Even complications like a rise in cholesterol, uric acid build-up, kidney and gall stones, swelling of hands, feet and legs due to poor circulation can all be pregnancy related. They can linger long after the baby is born and sometimes even for years. The muffin waist that women can’t seem to get rid of keeps growing over the years, too, all due to an acidic body condition.

It is so important to inject an external boost of alkalinity to stop the tug of war in our internal acid/alkaline balance. Besides eating a large plate of dark green leafy vegetables at every meal which a lot of people turn their noses to, you can drink Cerra anti-oxidant,  alkaline, ionized water to flush your system of acidic waste. By drinking half your body weight in ounces, you are flushing your body and your baby of acidic waste. You baby will be more healthy and comfortable in the womb and you will be more comfortable and healthy in your own body. It is the easiest and fastest way to get your pregnancy into the comfortable zone so you and baby can enjoy this precious time together.

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