In a recent issue of the Journal of Experimental Medicine, Australian researchers have shown how a sugar hit affects the microzymas that make up human genes, altering their ability to function. Since sugar is very acidic to the body, the microzymas “remember” the hit for up to two weeks. The effect is such that the genetic material switches off genetic controls that are designed to protect the body against damage that causes chronic disease.
Researchers in Australia, led by lead researcher Sam El-Ostra, from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute says, “ We now know that chocolate bar you had this morning can have acute effects, and those effects can continue for up to two weeks.”
“These changes continue beyond the meal itself and have the ability to alter natural metabolic responses to diet,” he told Australian Associated Press Friday.
Regularly eating such damaging sugars would amplify the effect, said El-Ostra, since the acidic sugars would increase acidosis in the body, with genetic damage lasting months or years, and potentially passing through bloodlines.
It’s never too late to stop eating sugars and start leaning towards a more alkaline lifestyle. If you have a sweet tooth, you are probably trace mineral deficient and you show have yourself checked by a reputable nutritionist or naturopath. Concentrace is a good ionic liquid mineral that you can add to your water. It is made by Health Solute Ions and is available at most health food stores.
There are a few ways to alkalize your body but the important thing to note is that if you have been eating lots of sugar, you will need a way to repair the damage that has already occurred. That takes lots of extra oxygen and antioxidants, in addition to alkalizing the acidic body state.
Sugar is also very dehydrating as it changes the ionic water concentration which can affect the osmotic pumps and how they eliminate toxic waste from the cells. Continued dehydration and toxin build-up can bring on symptoms that can over time, become chronic and sometimes life-threatening or life- shortening.
You can alkalize your body through diet which is a very strict and laborious regimen that takes months to notice any effects. We have a free alkaline foods list you can ask for or you can get one from the internet. The easiest way is to eliminate one food group per week of the acid-forming foods, so that you don’t feel so deprived. Grains and dairy are usually the easiest to let go of. Animal proteins, eggs and cheeses are a little more difficult for most people to stop eating. The fruits with the highest sugar content must go as well.
The kind and amount of water you drink is the most important key since sugar eaters tend to be very dehydrated. You will need to rehydrate and maintain adequate water levels for maximum health potentials.  Alkaline, ionized water is the kind of water our ancestors drank for centuries. They got it from the pristine rivers and streams nearby where they lived. Unfortunately, they don’t exist any more except high in the mountains away from civilization. Scientists have now recreated that healthy water, full of oxygen, antioxidants and negative ions in water pitcher called Cerra  Water You just add regular tap to the  Cerra water pitcher and its special  patented filter creates fresh mountain stream is at your fingertips.
Cerra Water is the world’s  best and safest alkaline, anti-oxidant  micro-clustered water.   Cerra Water is the easiest, fastest and least complicated way to alkalize your body and restore and retain your health. It will help the body to clean up the damage from sugar and other acidic food and beverage consumption. It will help reduce future damage provided you watch what you put in your mouth. It may even erase your cravings for sugar in the first place.

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