Drink your milk, it’s good for you. At least that is what the dairy industry would have you believe. Milk contains casein which is a glue-like substance that is actually used by some glue industry manufacturers to make powerful adhesives. Guess what it does to your body? And, in the presence of chlorine, the effect on your arteries, veins and digestive system is a clogging, gummy mess.

Federal government regulations require treatment of water that is piped to homes from lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Chlorine is the treatment of choice. It is an industrial waste product that they have to get rid of somehow. About three quarters of all homes have chlorinated water pouring out of their taps. Chlorine helps rid the water of infectious water-bourne disease but it does not rid the water of parasites like Cryptosporidium and it can cause serious harm to people who drink it and more serious harm to pregnant women.… Read the rest

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