There are always unmentionables that are never supposed to be included in polite conversation. There are things you just don’t talk about. When we do, we hear, “Too much information!” It seems it’s only three year olds that are fascinated with bowel movements. But, the more you know about what makes your bowels work, the better chances you have to be healthy.

One of the important things you need to know is how often. Experts say that two to three times a day is optimal and once is absolutely imperative. Keeping body waste moving regularly avoids toxic build-ups and re-absorption of what the body is trying to get rid of. If it was good for your body, things would have been designed differently.

Another important thing is comfort. When what needs to come out is soft, moist and easily eliminated, it is much more comfortable. If you are trying to pass bullets or hard lumps, you are constipated and could have painful bowel movements. Soft and healthy stool are light brown in color and depending you what you have eaten will float or sink slowly. The more red meat you eat, and the longer the contents sit in the colon, the darker the color. There should be no odor or very little and it should be nicely formed and have some length to it, not a loose pile or hard pellets.

To be healthy and comfortable, you need lots of water and lots of fiber. The water you drink needs to be just that – water. Coffee, fruit juices and carbonated beverages contain some not so healthy ingredients that you will want to consume in as small a quantity as possible. Besides, you need about two quarts of water to digest a meal plus miscellaneous water for other metabolic and physical functions. If you don’t drink enough, the body will pull water from one place to use somewhere more important or vital. The body recycles as much water as it can but sooner or later a deficit can develop. Dehydration causes constipation in addition to a whole myriad of bothersome symptoms and chronic conditions. Cerra Eater is more hydrating than regaul bottled  or tap water.  One of  the first  things people mention  when they start  drinking Cerra water is how regular  and healthy their bowel movements  have become.

The other very strong influence on digestive health is fiber from the food you eat. Fiber is the roughage contained in fruits, vegetables and whole grains that is not digested by our bodies. It is the scrubbing brush that keeps the colon clean and free from disease causing matter.

Friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract help digest your food properly and manufacture some of your nutritional needs that your body absorbs. By having too little friendly bacteria and too many unfriendly ones, you will have digestive issues. You can get live probiotics from a health food store and there is an awesome product called Bio-K that is kept in the refrigerator section which will make a tremendous difference in how you feel. Yogurts and other dairy products reported to contain probiotics or acidophilus may be dead organisms and of little use to the body. Rounds of antibiotics will kill off the beneficial flora in your intestines that need to be replenished.

If you have digestive problems, chances are you either not drinking enough water, eating enough fiber, have enough beneficial bacteria, or all three. Check with your health professional to see what you can do to improve your intestinal health. With the rising statistics of colon cancers and other serious digestive conditions, your life may depend on it.

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