For years women have been very particular about their looks, dying their hair and rubbing the latest anti-aging potion all over their skin, getting nips here and tucks there, in an attempt to turn back the clock. In recent years, men are starting to get into the act.

What most people need to know is that there are some key foods that will ultimately determine how fast you will age and how young you will look. We know that skin care products can make you skin look and feel softer and smoother, although they are only a temporary fix. The golden key to reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving your complexion is to reduce free radical damage by slowing down the aging process as much as possible. The foods that do that are antioxidant-rich and full of anti-inflammatory properties. By filling our diets with these types of foods, we are promoting a more youthful body and softer, smoother, more radiant skin.

One of the best super foods in this regard is blueberries. Information from the US Department of Agriculture shows that blueberries are important for improving eyesight and circulation. Their high antioxidant levels of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants found in fruits with blue and purple pigments, provide restorative properties to all kinds of health conditions. One of the attributes of anthocyanins is that they repair fine lines and wrinkles in the skin, stimulate collagen production and restore the skin’s elasticity.

Omega-3 fats are another aspect of food that helps provide great looking skin. The foods containing the most omega-3 fats for the number of calories they contain are, in descending order, flax seed, omega 3 eggs, walnuts, Chinook salmon, cooked soybeans, bakes or broiled halibut, steamed shrimp, raw tofu, baked or broiled snapper, baked or broiled scallops and baked winter squash.

Omega-3 fats improve rough, dry skin, restoring the lipid balance. There are natural fats in the skin that must be replenished to keep the satin look to the skin.

Tomatoes, another skin enriching food, contains lycopene, a powerful nutrient that has been shown in studies to reduce skin cell damage and redness, particularly to sun exposure. In order to absorb lycopene, the body needs an accompanying healthy fat, like avocado oil or extra-virgin olive oil. Eating lycopene rich tomatoes and tomato products supports healthy glowing skin, particularly when the tomato is cooked.
Sunflower seeds with their excellent source of Vitamin E is great for preventing and repairing free radical damage in the skin. Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin which applied to the topically, can provide powerful restorative qualities to the skin, gently providing the building blocks for nourishing and repairing the skin.

One of the most important things for health, believe it or not is water. The amount of water you drink every day, is important in determining the quality and texture of your skin. By drinking half your body weight in ounces of clean, healthy Cerra water every day and minimizing dehydrating drinks like coffee, alcohol and other caffeine containing beverages, you will see wonderful changes in your skin that will improve the look and feel of it. The Cerra Water is 3 times more hydrating than bottled or tap water because it  it comes in smaller clusters- micro-clusters and is more ready absorbed by your skin.

Nourishing your skin from the inside out is so important to keeping your youthful appearance. Not only will your skin improve, you will feel more energy and vitality to accomplish more, besides feeling great and looking great. Keep them guessing about how young you really are.

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