Every cell of your body if filled with and cushioned by water. Your cells are like fish in a fish tank. When your fish isn’t doing to well, you don’t take it to the vet, you change the water it is living in. So the cleaner and less acidic the water in the fish bowl is, the healthier your fish will be. Hmmm. Is there are metaphor here?

Considering that every time you eat, your body produces acidic waste, there must be a healthy way to get rid of it. By drinking acidic tap and bottled water, you are maintaining an acid condition in your body. There are only four ways that you can get rid of waste in your body: respiration, urination, perspiration and defecation.

Logic would tell us that the way to reduce an acidic body condition that turbo ages the body is to change to body’s pH. The first step is to hydrate the body properly with the right type of water, like alkaline, ionized water with a high pH and high antioxidant value. This type of water flushes toxin efficiently so that the body is not sitting in a acidic pool. As you get older, your percentage of body water decreases, causing chronic dehydration in addition to the acidic condition. Proper hydration with the right type of water is the key to more youthful vitality and health. Maybe then you can keep up with your kids.

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