The most alarming statistics around breast cancer are coming out. “Every 13 minutes another woman dies from the environmental, dietary and metabolic acids that cause breast cancer, an acidic condition of the breast tissue that has more than tripled in incidence over the past 50 years,” states Dr. Robert O. Young, Director of the pH Miracle Living Center, in San Diego County, California.

Chlorine is a recognized pesticide. It has been added to our drinking water supplies, as a disinfectant, since the late 1800’s. When chlorine combines with organic compounds in the water (sediment) or our bodies, organochlorines are formed. According to Wikipedia, organochlorines include chloroform, dichloromethane, dichloroethene, and trichlorotheane. Other organochlorines include haloacetic acids and trihalmethanes.

Scientific studies have linked the accumulation of chlorine compounds in breast tissue to cancer. Organochlorines react with metabolic acids in human tissue and are being recognized more and more as a causative agent to cancer. In Hartford, Connecticut, as study there four “women with breast cancer have 50 to 50 percent higher levels of organochlorines (chlorination by-products) in their breast tissue than women without breast cancer.”

It’s no wonder. Chloroform, dichloromethane, dichloroethene and trichloroethane are useful as solvents in dry cleaning and degreasing. Many pesticides used in the agriculture sector are also organochlorides. These include DDT, Dicofol, Heptachlor, Endosulfan, Chlordane, Mirex and Pentachlorophenol. These organochloramines mimic these poisons in your body.

Organochloramines can pose serious health threats to humans and can be found in many unexpected places. Up to 2/3 of our harmful exposure to chlorine happens while showering, using hot tubs and swimming pools. The skin is the largest organ of the body and has even been dubbed the third kidney. Every time we shower or bathe, chlorine is absorbed through the pores of our skin and breathed in through our lungs. The steam that is inhaled while showering or swimming can contain up to 50 times more chlorine that by drinking tap water. The chlorine gas, given off by hot water in the shower or hot tub is extremely toxic and it is breathed in, where it goes directly into the blood stream. From there, who knows where it will end up and accumulate. More and more evidence is suggesting that it is ending up in breast tissue.

An article published by Greenpeace in 1993 outlines the health risks associated with chlorine.  The article is called, “Chlorine, Human Health, and the Environment: The Breast Cancer Warning.” You can look it up on the internet quite easily.

With such compelling evidence, it is important that every woman examine the facts and make intelligent choices for her health. I, for one, see no use for chlorine, once the water comes out of my tap, so I c use the Cerra Water pitcher  which  not only reduces  chlorine and its by-products and other contaminants but adds essential  ionic minerals making the water alkaline, adds  anti-oxidants  and make the water bundles into smaller clusters. I get alkaline, super-oxygenated, antioxidant, microclustered water that promotes more vital energy, more efficient hydration, efficient detoxification and vibrant health. I see no reason to become any of the one in seven women that have the probability of developing cancerous acidic breasts  over their lifetime. Breast cancer is one of the most important health issues facing women today. It is the second leading cause of acidic cancer deaths in women and is the most common acid cancer among women. According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.2 million women will be diagnosed with cancerous breasts this year, worldwide.  Cerra alkaline,anti0oxdiant water along with a healthy diet allows me to enjoy the benefits that make life worth living…joyful health.

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