Recent research is arming scientists with an ever increasing body of evidence from research labs around the world that claims more deaths and disease in the West from an overly acidic body.

This easy to understand models explains that whenever the body burns food as fuel it creates acidic by-products that are toxic to the body. Many of the scientists at the forefront of this research now believe that accumulated build ups of these acidic wastes can be a primary cause of chronic disease, overweight and aging. This evidence also points to a huge contributing factor in such horrifying diseases as cancer.

Over the last hundred years the North American diet and lifestyle have changed dramatically. No longer do we eat what we grow on our farms and in our back yards. We jump in the car and head for the drive-thru. Our diets now consist of more acid-forming foods and drinks. Even the water we drink is either full of chemicals or acidic bottled water. Again, all acid-forming. The other habit North Americans have is that they prefer other beverages to water and most of those contribute to acidic body conditions.

To get control of this acid, there are six basic things you can do to bring your body back to as near to neutral as possible.

Change the water and other beverages you drink to Cerra anti-oxidant,  alkaline, ionized water. There have been many articles written on alkaline, ionized water, many can be found with a google search.  Cerra alkaline, ionized water alkalizes the body and starts to break up the acidic waste stored in the body fat and around the cells. As the waste is eliminated, the fat cells shrink and so does your waistline. Your cells will only be as healthy as the fluid that surrounds them. By reducing and eliminating the acidic waste around your cells, you will feel, look and perform better, at any age.

Avoid dehydration. Statistics have shown that approximately 98% of the North American population is chronically dehydrated. Cerra micro-clustered,  alkaline, ionized water is six times more hydrating than tap or bottled water because it is in tinier clusters than other water. The body sucks it up like a sponge. There is no unpleasant taste or heavy, sloshing feeling after you drink it. It feels light and smooth and the body wants more. By drinking water that is pleasant to drink, it encourages you to drink more.

Eat an acid-neutralizing diet. Do your research. There are acid-forming foods and alkaline-forming foods. If you can eat 80 percent alkaline-forming foods and 20 percent acid-forming foods, you will be well on the way to restoring your natural body condition. Sugars are one of the most dangerous substances you can eat. Start to wean it from your diet.

Exercise. I know, you don’t have time or you don’t like it. But guess what? If you got a mini-trampoline or rebounder as they are sometimes called, and bounced gently on it as you were watching the football game or talking on the phone, there would be plenty of time to exercise. You don’t have to bounce a foot off the ground. Keep your feet engaged on the bed of the mini-tramp. Besides, after you start alkalizing your body, your body will want to move, maybe even go for a walk. You see, body fat is primarily produced by the body to store the internally produced acidic waste products away from your organs so these wastes don’t kill you. But, over the years, there may be enough to push your health into the sick zone where it may be difficult for you to recover.

Reduce your stress levels. It has been shown that mild exercise, meditation and counseling, can all help to alleviate stress. Pick what feels right and find out more about it, maybe even take a class to teach you. Talk things over with a partner or a friend to see how your levels of stress can be lessened. Sometimes a church or spiritual group can help. You may want to take up something creative that relaxes you, like woodworking or painting.

Stop Smoking. Smoking is a constant irritant to the body, not to mention the poisons you are breathing. The acidosis from smoking can be quite horrific. You will find the more acidic your body is, the stronger your nicotine cravings will be. Do whatever you can to stop this destructive habit. The chronic irritant factor alone causes inflammation which triggers cell overgrowth and we all know what that means.

There is an alarming increase in cancers and other chronic diseases caused by a number of factors including dehydration, acidosis, smoking, environmental pollutants, careless use of certain toxic products and of course, poor diet choices. If we are going to keep our health into our senior years, it would be wise to reduce the “silent inflammation” caused by oxidative stress that is prevalent in our bodies. If you already have symptoms, it is ever more urgent for you to pay attention. The silent inflammation within you is not so silent any more. It has risen up into radar range and it is telling you that you need to get rid of your acidic load before something more serious appears. Research is showing that it can take six years before cancer becomes symptomatic enough to make itself known. Other diseases like diabetes follow similar patterns.

Now is the time to do something so that you can enjoy life as you get older. It is not cool to work yourself hard to save for a retirement that will be full of illness and despair. Don’t wait until you have symptoms to start alkalizing and hydrating your body.

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